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SERS Vacancy Status Timelines

If you are interested in monitoring the status of a SERS Civil Service covered vacancy, please refer to the below timelines.  Each vacant position’s number, classification and office/division are listed in bold above the corresponding timeline.  The yellow highlighted area in each timeline indicates at which step in the nine-step process each vacancy currently stands.  Please refer to the below Step Description for an explanation of each of the nine steps.

Step Description

1.  Vacancy Announced
Vacancy posted to JobNet and/or Civil Service availability surveys mailed to qualified candidates.
2.  Application Submission Deadline Passed
Timeframe to submit bids and/or availability survey responses has ended. 
Note:  Bids and/or surveys are considered timely if postmarked by the date indicated on the job announcement/survey.
3.  Candidates Selected For Interview
Candidates will be contacted to schedule their interview.
4.  Ineligible Letters Mailed
Letters mailed to applicants who Human Resources determined were not eligible to bid on the position.  Note:  This letter indicates the reason the bidder is ineligible for the position.
5.  First Interviews Being Conducted
6.  Second Interviews Being Conducted
7.  Candidate Recommendation Received By Human Resources
a.  Review paperwork for conformance to HR and EEO policies
b.  Obtain necessary approvals from SERS executive staff
c.  Obtain appropriate State Civil Service Commission approval
8.  Job Offer Made
9.  Non-Selection Letters Mailed
Letters mailed to individuals who interviewed, but were not selected for the position.  Letters also mailed to individuals who were eligible to bid on the position, but who were not selected for an interview. 

Last published: 07/18/2014 08:39 AM