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Member Handbook Table of Contents

Mission Statement and SERS Board

Disclaimer & Confidentiality of SERS Records

Retirement Plan Summary







  Pension Forfeiture

Employee Contributions


Service Credit

  Purchase of Service

Multiple Service


State Police Retirement Benefits


Social Security Integration Coverage


Eligibility for Disability Retirement


Death Benefits


Withdrawing Your Accumulated Deductions Prior to Eligibility for Retirement


Eligibility for Monthly Retirement Benefits


Retirement Benefit Calculation


Benefit Payment Options


Becoming a Vestee


Return to Service from Retirement


Return to Service from Disability Retirement


Return to Service after Withdrawing Contributions (Non-Vested)


Return to Service after Vesting


Return to Service as an Emergency Appointee or Independent Contractor


Domestic Relations Orders and Support Orders


Appeals and Hearings


Taxability of Benefits and Rollovers


Benefit Limitations – 
        Internal Revenue Code – Section 415(b), 
        Retirement Code Section 5702(c)

Counseling Center Services

Retirement Planning - Obligations of SERS Members

Frequently Asked Questions

Commonwealth Deferred Compensation

Glossary of Terms

Regional Retirement Counseling Centers

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