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Information on Tax Form 1099-R

The following Guide To Your SERS-Issued 1099-R Tax Form provides information about the taxes on SERS retirement payments, details about how to read your SERS-Issued 1099-R, and answers to frequently asked questions regarding the form.

You can review the new guide starting below, or you can review the Guide To Your SERS-Issued 1099-R Tax Form (1.46 MB pdf) as an Adobe Acrobat document.

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State Employees' Retirement System

Guide to Your SERS-Issued 1099-R Tax Form

Because SERS made at least one payment to you in 2013, we are required to provide you and the IRS with a 1099-R form. This guide explains the information on the form and helps you understand if you should expect to receive more than one 1099-R before filing your 2013 income tax return.

Depending on the number, type, and timing of the payments you received from SERS, you may receive more than one 1099-R form. You could receive more than one 1099-R from SERS if:

  • you retired last year and chose to withdraw any of your contributions and interest in a lump sum,
  • you received a payment from your own SERS pension and also received a survivor or beneficiary payment from a deceased SERS member’s pension, or
  • you turned 59½ last year.


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Last published: 01/17/2014 09:08 AM