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SERS Annuitant Information

SERS Annuitant Information

Name John Q. Annuitant
Social Security Number XXX-XX-#### Annuity Began 06-30-1999 Date of Birth 01-23-1956
Selected Retirement Option 

Special Option 4 w/Present Value Guarantee - Provides you with a lifetime monthly payment and upon your death, your designated survivor will receive a lifetime monthly payment equal to a percentage of the payment you had been receiving. The amount your survivor will receive was determined by you at the time you retired.

Following the death of your survivor, if the sum of the payments made to you and your survivor is less than the initial value of your SERS benefit at the time you retired, then the difference – or "remaining present value" – will be paid to your beneficiaries.

You cannot change this option selection or your designated survivor unless your survivor dies, or you get married or divorced. Contact your SERS retirement counselor at 1-800-633-5461 for more information.

The full terms of your retirement benefit are set forth in the Application for Annuity filed with SERS when you retired.

The remaining present value/death benefit as of 12/31/13 is $XX,XXX.XX. (unaudited)


Tax Information


Each year the IRS issues new income tax tables listing the amount of tax owed based on an individual’s taxable income and filing status.
You may change the amount of money SERS withholds from your pension for federal income tax or choose not to have money withheld by submitting a completed Withholding Certificate – Pension or Annuity Payments (SERS-W-4P) form or a Withholding Certificate-Pension or Annuity Payments (IRS W-4P).
The W4P form you currently have on file with SERS lists the following income tax filing status and withholding instructions:

According to our records, you are having no money withheld from your pension for federal income tax. If at any point, you would like to have money withheld from your pension for federal income tax, complete and submit to SERS, either of the W-4P forms described above.

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