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SERS Retirement Calculator


Basic Retirement Benefit
The "Standard Single Life Annuity" is 2% of a member’s final average salary multiplied by the member's years of service. The product of that calculation is then multiplied by a "Class of Service Multiplier," which varies among different classes of service.

Class AA Calculation :
Multiplier: 1.25
Contribution Rate: 6.25%
Formula: 2% x Years of Service X Final Average Salary x 1.25 (Class of Service Multiplier)
Annual Growth in Benefit: 2.5%
SERS Calculator
This SERS estimate calculator allows you to input information to produce an unofficial estimate of your potential SERS benefits. The estimate generated by this calculator is solely a guide to help you understand the potential retirement benefit.

For an estimate to be calculated, you must meet certain age and service requirements as of your retirement date. This calculator has been designed to project estimates into the future. The estimate’s accuracy depends completely on the accuracy of the information you supply.

This calculator is not designed to calculate estimates for disability retirement, Multiple Service, special options, actuarial debts placed against a member’s account for purchase of service credit, members with a frozen annuity, or members covered under Joint Coverage, Social Security Integration (SSI) or Special Classes. For those types of estimates, contact your Retirement Counselor at 1- 800-633-5461 . This calculator does not include any retirement "window" calculation adjustments, and can not address individuals with mixed 50/60 service credits.

Last published: 08/01/2011 12:34 PM