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Pennsylvania Automated License System (PALS) Summary

2015-16 Hunting License Information

On June 8, the Pennsylvania Automated License System (PALS) will be activated fully for the sale of 2015-16 hunting licenses. This automated licensing system is a joint project with the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission and our contractor, The ACTIVE Network.

All hunting licenses will be issued through PALS. Pre-printed, paper licenses no longer will be used. The new automated system provides licensing options that hunters have not had previously. A summary of the basic changes follows.

  • Customer Identification Number (CID): If you already have purchased a hunting or fishing license through PALS, you were assigned a CID number which was printed on your license. Please use this number when applying for a license through PALS since this will identify you in the database and speed the license issuance process. If you have never purchased a license through PALS, you will need to provide your social security number when applying. This is a one-time only requirement, and will not be needed again unless you don't have or can't remember your CID. PALS provides more licensing options for and greater convenience, customer service and equal opportunity to all hunters. PALS provides improved information security to issuing agents and the Game Commission. As well as streamlined financial reporting and accountability and immediate and greater access to data. It's simply a better, more efficient and contemporary way to sell licenses.

  • Senior Lifetime License Holders: If you are a resident senior lifetime hunting or combination license holder, and have not purchased or renewed your license through PALS, you will need to provide your social security number (SSN) when applying. This is a one-time only requirement, and will not be needed again, unless you don't have or can't remember your CID. Senior lifetime license ID cards are no longer required since PALS will recognize your record through your SSN or CID. You will still need to provide proof of residency when you renew your license, usually done through a valid PA driver's license.

  • Carcass Tags: The big game tags that come with the license have two perforated holes in the center. These will be used with a string or twist tie to attach the tag to the carcass.

  • Harvest Reporting: There are 3 methods of harvest reporting available to hunters and trappers. The first method may be accessed through this website. When the PGC is accepting harvest reports there will be a "Report Your Harvest" button in the upper right corner of each page on our website. This method is the easiest to use and provides the Commission with the most reliable data. Sportsmen will be provided with a receipt page at the end of the harvest reporting routine which they should print for their records.

    Secondly, harvest reports may be filed using our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. By calling toll free 1-855-PAHUNT1 (1-855-724-8681) sportsmen can report their harvests from any touchtone phone using the phone's numeric keypad and spoken responses. We ask that callers speak clearly and distinctly when speaking responses. Callers will receive a confirmation number for each harvest reported which they should record for their records.

    Lastly, harvest reports may be submitted using the traditional paper harvest report card. While harvest report cards are no longer issued with hunting and trapping licenses, generic cards may be found in the hunting and trapping digest and are postage paid.

    Please note – when using any of these methods to report a harvest you will need your CID (Customer Identification Number), the Tag Number of the license or permit used, and the species specific information for each harvest you are reporting. Website and IVR harvest reports may be used for deer, wild turkey, bobcat and fisher reporting, while paper harvest cards may only be used to report deer and wild turkey harvests. If you are reporting a bobcat or fisher harvest and do not want to use the website or IVR systems, you will have to call one of the Commission's regional offices.

  • Display: Licenses are no longer required to be displayed on an outer garment. If you are checked by a wildlife conservation officer or the landowner while afield, you must have all applicable hunting and furtaker licenses on your person, along with positive ID to confirm identification and residency.

  • Antlerless Deer Licenses: Hunters will mail their applications directly to a County Treasurer of their choice, not the Game Commission. County Treasurers can issue antlerless deer licenses for any wildlife management unit (WMU), not just those their county is a part of. Hunters may use the application panel that comes with the license or the forms contained in the Digest of Hunting and Trapping Regulations. Either type of application is valid. Hunters may select their first, second and third WMU preferences on the application. That way, if the first WMU of choice is sold out, the Treasurer can issue a license for the second or third WMU preference based on license availability. Official application envelopes are pink in color and still available through all hunting license issuing agents. PALS automatically tracks allocations and monitors personal license limits so that hunters are not issued more licenses than they are entitled at any given point. Please refer to the Digest of Hunting and Trapping Regulations and the "Antlerless Deer License" section elsewhere on this website for details on the application schedule and process.

  • License/Permit Availability: Commercial issuing agents and County Treasurers are now able to offer more specialized licenses and permits through PALS that were not available at their locations in the past. These specialized licenses include the resident senior lifetime license categories (hunting, furtaker, combination and combo upgrades), disabled veteran lifetime renewals, resident landowner reduced-fee hunting licenses, special spring gobbler licenses, bobcat, fisher permits and reduced fee military licenses. In June, DMAP harvest permits also will be available for sale through any issuing agent.

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