Ambulatory Surgery Center Reports

Data found in the reports listed below were obtained from the annual Ambulatory Surgery Center surveys.

All data are contained in .PDF files. You will need Adobe Reader on your system in order to access, view and print copies of the files. To download Adobe Reader, click the link to the right.

2013-2014 Ambulatory Surgery Center Reports:

1: Utilization and Services by Facility & County - Patient visits by age, ultrasound exams, diagnostic X-rays, operations, number of operating rooms and availability of 5 selected services.
2: Medical Staff With Clinical Privileges in Selected Departments/Services - Active medical staff with clinical privileges in 19 selected specialties.
3: Full-time and Part-time Personnel - Payroll and contracted.





View the current full report and archived Ambulatory Surgery Center reports below:

An Ambulatory Surgery Center Geographic Information Systems (GIS) layer is created each year and available for download as a shapefile, or which can be added to a map as a map service (ArcMap, Google Earth, WMS) from the Pennsylvania Spatial Data Access (PASDA) website.

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