Hospital Reports

Data found in the reports listed below were obtained from the annual Hospitals surveys.

All data are contained in .PDF files. You will need Adobe Reader on your system in order to access, view and print copies of the files. To download Adobe Reader, click the link to the right.

2013-2014 Hospital Reports:

1-A: Utilization data - General Acute Care Only. LTC unit, L/A Beds, S/S Beds, Admissions, Discharges, Days of Care, Discharge Days, Bed Days Available, Length of Stay, Occupancy Rate, and Births.
1-B: Utilization data - Same as 1-A for Federal and Specialty Hospitals.
2-A: Inpatient Hospital Unit Data - General Acute Care Only. Beds Set Up & Staffed, Admissions, Days of Care, and Occupancy Rates for each of 18 inpatient units.
2-B: Inpatient Hospital Unit Data - Same as 2-A for Federal and Specialty Hospitals.
3-A: Discharges and Discharge Days by Age Group - General Acute Care Only.
3-B: Discharges and Discharge Days by Age Group - Same as 3-A for Federal and Specialty Hospitals.
4: Emergency services capability and utilization - excluding federal hospitals. Emergency services capability, visits to emergency room, inpatient admissions from the emergency room, Doctors with clinical privileges in emergency medicine (board certified and other), and the availability of ALS, BLS, air, MICU, or MCCU ambulance services.
5: Active medical staff with clinical privileges - Privileges for staff within selected departments/services. 29 categories of board certified and other.
6: Full-time and part-time personnel on payroll - 26 categories of personnel.
7: Availability of 49 selected services
8: Cardiac catheterizations by age - The number of labs, number of patients, and total, inpatient, and outpatient procedures by pediatric, adult, and total age groups within the following categories: diagnostic visualizations, electrophysiologic studies (including initial diagnostic, follow-up diagnostic, and interventional), and therapeutic procedures.
9: Open and closed heart surgery operations by age - Operations by pediatric, adult, and total age groups.
10: CT scanner and MRI data - Total, inpatient, and outpatient CT scans; number of CT scanners; and type of service (shared or mobile scanner). Total, inpatient, and outpatient MRI exams; MRI units on-site; and type of service - shared or mobile MRI.
11-A: Operating room utilization - general acute care only. Number of ORs; total, inpatient, and outpatient cystoscopies and endoscopies performed in discrete cysto/endo ORs or procedure rooms; total, inpatient, and outpatient all surgery, and the number of Short Procedure Unit operations.
11-B: Operating room utilization - Same as 11-A for Federal and Specialty Hospitals.
12-A: Therapeutic radiology - Total, inpatient, and outpatient treatments for linear accelerator and other which includes betatron, orthovoltage, cobalt, and radium.
12-B: Diagnostic radiology - (excluding CT scanners and MRI). Total, inpatient and outpatient examinations for ultrasound and diagnostic X-ray.
12-C: Diagnostic and therapeutic nuclear medicine utilization - by total, inpatient and outpatient utilization for diagnostic radioisotope and therapeutic radioisotope.
13: Room rates - for all licensed/approved hospitals. Private and semi-private room rates.
14: Infant/neonatal services and utilization - Live births, well infant bassinets, NICU II and NICU III - beds and admissions, live births exposed to illegal drugs, and live births with fetal alcohol syndrome.
15: Organ transplants - Bone marrow, heart, kidney, liver and other discrete organ transplants.
16: Organization and service - Type of organization and service by facility and county.

View the current full report and archived Hospital reports below:

A Hospital Geographic Information Systems (GIS) layer is created each year and available for download as a shapefile, or which can be added to a map as a map service (ArcMap, Google Earth, WMS) from the Pennsylvania Spatial Data Access (PASDA) website.

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