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General Information

The Department of Labor & Industry (Department) has partnered with the Department of Revenue to bring e-TIDES  (Electronic Tax Information Data Exchange System) to taxpayers.
E-TIDES is an Internet filing system that allows taxpayers to file returns and pay electronically for several taxes and services, including but not limited to
  • Unemployment Compensation Tax;
  • Employer Withholding Tax; and
  • Sales, Use, & Hotel Occupancy Tax.
Employers are able to file Unemployment Compensation (UC) quarterly reports (Form UC-2/2A) and pay UC contributions via the Internet. 
E-TIDES allows employers with active UC accounts to:
  • Upload existing computer files to the UC-2A report using a Comma Delimited (*.csv), SSA or ICESA format. There is no need to retype existing information.
  • Transfer employee information from the last quarterly report to the current quarterly report. Employers only have to enter the wage information and credit weeks and add new employees.
  • File the UC-2 report and pay contributions simultaneously or file the report early and make an electronic payment anytime through the due date. Tax payments can be made using ACH Debit or ACH Credit.
  • File the UC-2 report electronically and pay contributions by mailing a pre-printed voucher with the payment.
  • View Internet Filing History online. The system will keep a record of UC returns and payments made electronically.
  • Authorize select employees or representatives to file reports, make payments, and/or view the filing history on the Internet. The employer controls the level of access.

Registering for e-TIDES

New e-TIDES registrations for Unemployment Compensation are no longer being accepted by the Department of Labor & Industry. The Department is accepting paper UC-2/2A forms and magnetic media for UC-2A wage information.
 For more information on the new UC tax system, please visit the UCMS Web page, or call the UC Employer Contact Center toll-free at (866) 403-6163 or within the Harrisburg area (717) 787-7679. Employer questions regarding the new UC tax system should be submitted in an e-mail to
Account Administrator
The individual who registers a UC employer account for e-TIDES becomes the account administrator. Only the account administrator, or a person designated by the account administrator, may use e-TIDES on behalf of the employer. The account administrator may grant partial or complete access to e-TIDES to another person. The account administrator may authorize the other person to file tax reports, make payments, view the account's history with e-TIDES, perform more than one of these functions, or perform all of these functions. The account administrator may relinquish administrator status to another person, or the employer may revoke a person's status as account administrator and give the status to another person.

Payment Methods

The two electronic payment methods approved for use with e-TIDES are ACH Debit and ACH Credit.         
ACH Debit
After completing the quarterly report, the account administrator, or other person designated to use e-TIDES for the employer, approves the payment amount and indicates the date the Department is authorized to debit the bank account.  The Department will take the money out of the designated bank account.  This is the payment method highly recommended by the Department, to ensure that payments are properly credited to the appropriate UC account. 
ACH Credit
This payment method gives the responsibility to the employer to ensure that payments are sent to the Commonwealth's bank account by the quarterly due date. Once the Department processes the e-TIDES registration, the administrator will receive the banking information needed to credit the Commonwealth's bank account. The employer, in turn, must instruct the financial institution to initiate the transaction. Payment by ACH Credit must follow the TXP Addendum CCD+ Format. The employer must verify with the financial institution that it can initiate the transaction following the CCD+ Format. Banks may charge fees for this service, or sell software packages to remit payments through this method.
The employer also has the option of filing the UC-2 electronically and printing a pre-filled payment voucher. The voucher must be submitted with the total payment due to the Office of UC Tax Services, P.O. Box 60848, Harrisburg, PA  17121. Payment must be postmarked by the quarterly due date.

Changing Payment Method or Banking Information

Account administrators have three ways to change the banking information or payment method for an account within e-TIDES by:
  • Updating the banking information online during the UC-2 filing process.
  • Choosing Enterprise Maintenance' from the Main Menu in e-TIDES.
  • Downloading Form UC-140E and either faxing or mailing the completed form to the Department. The Request for Change EFT Payment Method and/or Bank Information form may also be obtained by sending an email to

Filing Tax Returns and/or Payments

The UC portion of e-TIDES will be available for filing UC reports during the reporting period for each quarter (April, July, October, January), 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
A person authorized to use e-TIDES for the employer can file the wage detail report (UC-2A), the tax return (UC-2) and payment, or both, by selecting "File a Tax Return" from the e-TIDES Main Menu. E-TIDES will prompt the user to select the type of tax and the account. If the employer has less than 250 employees, the person using e-TIDES can complete a blank UC-2A or choose to have the UC-2A pre-filled with employee names and social security numbers from last quarter's report. The user also has the option to file the wage detail report by uploading an existing comma delimited (*.csv), SSA or ICESA file from their PC. Employers who have more than 100 employees should use the file upload feature. 
Filers have the option of filing multiple current quarter UC-2s in one comma delimited (*csv) file. All accounts within the file must use the same ACH payment method (ACH debit or ACH credit). Filers using the ACH debit method of payment may upload one file containing multiple UC-2s that are registered with the same or different banking information. Filers using the ACH credit method of payment may upload one file containing multiple UC-2s and send individual ACH credit payments to pay each UC-2 or they may send one ACH credit payment to pay for all the UC-2s in the file.
If an employer chooses to file both Forms UC-2A and UC-2 via e-TIDES, the system will calculate the amount of wages that are below the taxable wage base for each employee, and calculate the amount of contributions due, if the UC-2A if filed first. 
The person using e-TIDES will know reports are successfully submitted and received by the Department. The Department will issue a separate confirmation of receipt of the wage detail report (UC-2A) and the tax return (UC-2). If payment will be made by ACH Debit, the Department will confirm the information submitted to initiate the payment. 

More Information

  • Visit the e-TIDES website at Read about payment methods, file upload features, and take a tour of the system.
  • Call the Department of Labor and Industry's UC Tax Information Line at 1-866-403-6163, option 1.
  • Send us an email at
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