Tips for Completing Reports

We strongly encourage all employers to report employee wages in UCMS at Otherwise, employers can complete and submit the preprinted quarterly reports provided by the Department. These forms are designed to be processed using high speed scanning equipment that helps to reduce our costs.
When completing pre-printed Quarterly Reports:
  • Always use black ink.
  • If hand printed, print legibly within the data entry boxes provided. All letters should be capitalized.
  • Do not fill in commas, decimal points, or dollar signs.
  • Complete the cents blocks (enter zeros if no cents).
  • Do not use dashes or slashes to indicate zeros or blanks.
  • Do not close the number 4.
  • Do not cross the numbers 0 or 7.
  • If using typewriter or machine print, disregard the vertical bars within the data entry boxes and use single spacing, left justified, with decimal only.
  • If using typewriter or machine print, font size must be a minimum of 10 pt. Fixed system fonts (e.g., Courier) are preferable; do not use italics.
  • If additional pages are needed to record all the employee information, you may download the UC-2A Supplement form or contact the UC Employer Contact Center at 1-866-403-6163 or, if within the Harrisburg area, at 717-787-7679.
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