Statistical News is a quarterly newsletter with articles covering public health related statistics and special topics not normally presented in our annual publications. The latest edition as well as several previous editions are listed below along with the titles of the articles that appear in each edition.  Archived editions from 2001 to 2012 are available as well.

Latest Statistical News Issue - 3rd Quarter 2014, Volume 37 No. 3
  • Birth Statistics by Race Using Old and New Methods
  • Premature Mortality Due to Cancer in Pennsylvania
  • Rising Tide of Unintentional Injury Deaths
  • Pennsylvania Gambling Prevalence Review


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Volume 37 No. 2 2nd Qtr 2014
  • A Look at Pennsylvania Death Rates Over the Past Decade
  • A Review of Births to Foreign-Born Mothers and Foreign Migration in Pennsylvania
  • Cancer in Rural and Urban Pennsylvania
  • Smoking During Pregnancy Among Pennsylvania Mothers
Volume 37 No. 1 1st Qtr 2014
  • Pregnancy and Diabetes in Pennsylvania
  • The HealthyWoman Program and the Breast and Cervical Cancer Burden Index
  • Pennsylvania's 2013 Synar Survey Results
  • Suicide Deaths on the Rise in Pennsylvania
Volume 36 No. 4 4th Qtr 2013
  • 2011 Top Ten Baby Names and Fast Facts
  • Pregnancies Continue to Decline in Pennsylvania
  • Sampling Frame Characteristics of the 2012 BRFSS Survey
  • New Electronic Vital Records Registration Systems
Volume 36 No. 3 3rd Qtr 2013
  • Healthy People 2020: Topic Area RD (Respiratory Diseases)
  • Automated Consolidation of Collaborative Stage Data Items
  • Cancer of the Thyroid Reviewed
  • Wilson Score Confidence Interval for Binomial Proportions Outperforms Traditional Wald Interval
Volume 36 No. 2 2nd Qtr 2013
  • Potential Years of Life Lost
  • Pennsylvania's 2012 Synar Survey Results
  • Weight Change During Pregnancy for Pa. Mothers
  • New Module for Vaccine Ordering and Management Implemented
Volume 36 No. 1 1st Qtr 2013
  • A Review of Breastfeeding in Pennsylvania
  • Healthy People 2020: Topic Area FS (Food Safety)
  • Changes in the BRFSS Weighting Methodology
  • Colorectal Cancer Incidence and Mortality in Pennsylvania

Archived editions from 2001 to 2012:




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