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Cooperating Sportsmen's Clubs Pheasant Chick Program

Sportsmens' organizations interested in augmenting the Commission's propagation efforts and increase localized recreational hunting opportunities are eligible to receive day-old pheasant chicks.

What we provide

  1. Day-old pheasant chicks hatchery run (approximately 50% cocks - 50% hens). The number of chicks given to the organization depends entirely upon the size of the facility available at the organization.
  2. Plans for a brooder building, covered pen, and guidelines for rearing pheasants.
  3. Technical assistance and advice at your facility provided by Commission Game Farm Superintendents or the Wildlife Conservation Officer.
  4. Training session and overview of game farm operations scheduled at the Commission game farm of your choice during the off-season to assist in your program development.

What you must do

  1. To be eligible to receive pheasant chicks, all applicants are required to have a minimum of 25 square feet of covered pen space available per chick. In addition, 1/2 square foot (72 sq. inches) of floor space is recommended in the brooder building per chick. This promotes a healthy environment and reduces cannibalism.
  2. All feed and expenses incurred in the work of constructing covered pens and raising pheasants shall be the responsibility of the cooperator.
  3. The organization must agree to release all pheasants on lands open to public hunting. Pheasants may be held for a spring release if desired.
  4. Organizations should not release pheasants until the birds are 12 weeks of age or more.
  5. Pheasant chicks can be raised at the cooperators facility or by a designated caretaker with the proper facilities.
  6. Maximum returns will result by releasing pheasants as close to the opening of small game season as possible and no later than the end of the second week of the season.

How to obtain pheasant chicks

  1. Complete all the necessary information on the agreement for day-old pheasant chicks, and return to the Bureau of Wildlife Management, 2001 Elmerton Ave., Harrisburg, PA 17110-9797, telephone: 717-787-5529. Applications must be received by March 31. The agreement form may be downloaded here:
    Sportsmen's Organization Day-Old Pheasant Chicks Agreement
  2. Chicks will be available from the game farm during May and early June.
  3. The game farm superintendent will send notification to approved organizations when chicks will be ready for pick-up.
  4. Arrive at the appropriate game farm in early morning on the assigned date to pick up your chicks.
  5. Assistance can be obtained by calling the game farm superintendent.

Reporting procedures

  1. It will not be necessary to notify the Game Commission prior to releasing birds.
  2. A mandatory report on your pheasant production and release must be completed and submitted to the Pennsylvania Game Commission. Renewal applications will not be processed unless a completed final report has been filed for the prior year. The reporting form may be downloaded below:
    Sportsmen's Organization Day-Old Pheasant Chicks Final Report

Any questions regarding the application process should be directed to the Bureau of Wildlife Management, phone (717)787-5529. For more information please click on "Pheasant History".

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Pennsylvania Game Commission, 2001 Elmerton Ave, Harrisburg Pennsylvania 17110-9797