Appendix C


  • All accidents must be reported to your immediate supervisor.
  • Do not store items on windowsills
  • Any unsafe conditions must be reported to your supervisor.
  • Electrical controls or panels and fire extinguishers are to be kept clear at all times within all areas on, around, in front, and over.
  • Your supervisor is responsible for having the conditions corrected.
  • Keep all personal belongings in lockers or in the employee break area, not in work areas.
  • Safety goggles and respirators must be used or worn in designated areas or for designated activities.
  • Clean drinking fountains daily.
  • Appropriate work clothing and shoes must be worn.
  • Keep all work benches clean and clear of all personal belongings, fixtures, tools, spare parts, as well as odds and ends.
  • No running, horseplay, or scuffling is permitted.
  • Keep all machines clean and in proper repair and adjustment.
  • Do not stand or walk under suspended loads.
  • Clean caution and hazard signs regularly.
  • Use of liquor or drugs is not permitted in the workplace and while performing workplace activities.
  • Clean and service protective face shields regularly.
  • Tripping hazards, such as air lines and electrical cords, should be moved to a safe location when not in use.
  • Safety glasses, hard-toed, and other types of personal protective equipment must be worn in designated hazard areas.
  • Only authorized items, including pictures and notices, are to be placed on any wall or bulletin board.
  • Be aware of any chemicals and/or hazardous substances in the area.
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