Appendix F


There are certain key questions that will help an investigator to complete a thorough investigation.  The following will work in many instances.
  1. Who was involved in the accident?
  2. Were there any witnesses?
  3. Where and when did the accident occur (specific location and time)?
  4. Was there a fatality?
  5. What injuries were sustained and by whom?
  6. What was the victim doing at the time of the accident?
  7. Was the victim authorized and qualified to do this operation?
  8. Were approved procedures being followed?
  9. Was the victim familiar with the job and procedures?
  10. Is the job or process new to the area?
  11. Were proper tools or equipment being used?
  12. Was the proper supervision being provided?
  13. Had the victim received hazard potential training prior to the accident?
  14. What was the location of the accident?
  15. What was the physical condition of the area when the accident occurred?
  16. If there were witnesses, what were they doing at the time of the accident?
  17. What immediate or temporary action could have prevented the accident or minimized its effect?
  18. What long-term or permanent action could have prevented the accident or minimized its effect?
  19. Had corrective action been recommended in the past but not adopted?
  20. What equipment or property was damaged?
  21. Did the accident involve a motor vehicle?
  22. Did the employee exhibit any behavioral or physical signs or symptoms of drug or alcohol impairment?
Other questions may be needed, depending on the accident.
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