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Develop a
Return-to-Work Policy Statement

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Develop a Return-to-Work Policy Statement

The Return-to-Work policy statement is a joint labor/management directive offering an introduction to the workforce of your company’s Return-to-Work program. Your company’s policy statement will be a point of reference throughout the entire development and maintenance of your Return-to-Work program as it sets the general scope and guideline for your program.
As the first tool that will be used to inform the workforce of your company’s new Return-to-Work policy, a great deal of care should go into its development. Critical to the success of this approach with your workforce are the suggestions and guidance of a diverse Return-to-Work committee. Use your initial committee meetings as a forum opportunity to discuss ideas, concerns, and all the pertinent aspects of your program that need to be addressed in your policy statement. 
Develop a Return-to-Work philosophy based on the following principles:
  • Involve the work force (management, supervisors, and workers).
  • Establish a joint employee/management committee.
  • Always treat an injured or ill worker with dignity, consideration, and respect.
  • Make a commitment to support the injured worker's medical treatment.
  • Focus on a person's capabilities, not their disabilities.
  • Make a commitment to endeavor to return injured workers to their original jobs as effectively as possible.
  • Mandatory participation by both labor and management.
Please refer to the appendixes listed below containing samples to help guide your committee in the creation of your company’s Return-to-Work policy.
Appendix K Sample Philosophy of a Return-to-Work Program HTML PDF
Appendix L Key Decision Points in Transitional Employment HTML PDF 
Appendix M Return-to-Work Policy Statement Example HTML PDF 
Appendix N Return-to-Work Policy Statement Example HTML PDF
Appendix O Return-to-Work Policy Statement Example HTML PDF
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