Appendix BB


Purpose:  To provide temporary, modified-duty for members who are partially disabled due to work-related injuries. Every effort will be made to assist the member to return to his/her former position. We will cooperate with the member, the physician, the therapist and any rehabilitation personnel involved in the case.
Scope:  XYZ Company will provide temporary transitional duty whenever possible for a period of 120 calendar days to determine the degree of improvement. An extension in excess of 120 days may be allowed on a case-by-case basis, when recovery is incomplete. Such extensions will be reviewed every 30 calendar days thereafter and modified work may continue to be provided in cases where improvement continues.
If a member does not demonstrate progress in their recovery through the modified duty program, the program will be reevaluated utilizing the team approach and possibly discontinued as with any other ineffective medical treatment.
Program Coordinator. The Health/Safety Manager will coordinate the return-to-work modified duties with the injured worker, the supervisor and other team members.


  1. To allow the member to remain in the work force and resume productive employment as soon as possible in his/her normal classification.
  2. To enable the worker to gradually overcome his/her limitations through a transitional period of modified-duty, work reconditioning assignments.


  1. All departments at XYZ Company will cooperate in every way possible to provide regular duties on a limited basis, modified duty and/or special assignments for the disabled member.  Whenever possible, attempts will be made to allow the member to remain in his/her classification with modified duties.
  2. Some of the following special assignments and/or modified duties in addition to regular duties might include:
    • Rework (sort rejected parts)
    • Clerical work
    • Visitor escort
    • Label and file samples
    • Errands in company vehicle
    • Light janitorial duties
    • Engage in physical reconditioning program
    • Inventory recorder
    • Log and maintain quality records
    • Painting tools
    • Library filing
    • Operate photocopy machine
  3. The XYZ Company Occupational Health Nurse will supervise all members undergoing rehabilitation and/or modified duty. When these members are assigned to their regular departments, they will report to the supervisor in that department under the direction of the Occupational Health Nurse. Members undergoing rehabilitation who are not working in their regular departments will be given assignments by the Occupational Nurse.
  4. On evening, night shifts and weekends, modification of job duties may be made at any time by the supervisor of a member who has reported an injury, until the member sees the Occupational Health Nurse or sees a practitioner on the Workers Compensation panel of providers.


Unless on a specific errand, members undergoing rehabilitation will have the same obligation to remain at their designated work station as any other member.


  1. The XYZ Company notification policy regarding doctor’s appointments will also apply to members undergoing rehabilitation. If the member requires follow-up treatment or a doctor’s appointment which cannot be scheduled during his/her non-working time, the Company shall compensate the member for any straight-time lost from work due to said treatment or appointment; provided that the member must have given the Company prompt prior notice that such treatment or appointment could not be scheduled during non-working time, in which case the Company shall have the right to attempt to change the member’s treatment or appointment to non-working time and, if able to do so, the member shall not be entitled to compensation if the employee chooses nevertheless to keep the treatment or appointment on working time.
  2. The provisions of the agreement between I.U.E. Local 631 and XYZ Company apply to all modified duty and/or rehabilitation assignments.
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