Nutrition Services FAQ


How do I get to the places where meals are served?
Call your local
Area Agency on Aging (AAA) to find out the locations of the centers where meals are served. The AAA may also provide transportation services if you are not able to get there on your own.
Do I have to pay for the meals?
Set fees may not be charged for the meals. However, you are encouraged to make a contribution. Usually the AAA posts the actual cost of the meal, along with a suggested donation. This is not a requirement, but a suggested amount. Donate an amount that you feel comfortable with. You may also use your food stamp benefits as a contribution. Talk to the senior center manager to find out how to use your food stamp benefits as a contribution.
Who is allowed to eat the meals?
Anyone 60 years of age or older, and their spouse, regardless of age, are considered eligible for nutrition services. Volunteers, regardless of their age who are working with the congregate meal program or delivering home delivered meals may also be considered eligible at the discretion of the AAA. Other people who may be eligible include those under age 60 with disabilities who reside at home with older eligible people. Handicapped or disabled people, under age 60, who live in housing facilities primarily occupied by older people at which congregate meals are provided, are also considered to be eligible for the meals. Nursing facility eligible (
OPTIONS) consumers may also receive home delivered meals.
What if I want to go to the center only one or two days a week?
You may attend the center as infrequently as you want. You may also attend the center every day that it is open. It is up to you how often you want to attend.
How do I get a meal delivered to my home?
Contact your local 
AAA to request a home delivered meal. The AAA may send someone out to your home to complete an assessment to establish your need for this service.