Aging Program Directives
Aging Program Directives (APD) are organized by 21 program areas identified below and may have multiple attachments and supporting documentation.  For additional information, or to obtain a hard copy, please contact the Department of Aging at (717) 783-1550 or email us at
How to Find an APD:  To find APD 90-25-01: The first two digits, 90 identify the calendar year (1990), the second two digits, 25, identify the Program Area (Domiciliary Care), and the last two digits, 01, specify that this is the first APD in this Program Area for this calendar year.

Documents are in Adobe PDF Format Adobe PDF
Program Area 01 - Area Agency on Aging (AAA) Administration
                 Updates to Accounting Manual 7/21/2005
                OPTIONS Cost Sharing Scale 2014 
                Family Caregiver Support Program Comparison Chart 
                 Memo to APD# 05-01-05 
                 Amendment to FY 06-07 Block Grant Allocations - memo

07-01-09   AAA Program requirements, planning allocations, and reporting requirements for the Aging program agreement for FY 2007-2008 Aging Program Directive 
                     APD 07-01-09 Supplement

               Incident Reporting Q&A
               Incident Report Form
Program Area 02 - Home Delivered Meals
See APD #15-03-01
Program Area 03 - Congregate Meals
Program Area 04 - Socialization/Recreation/Education/Health Promotion
98-04-01   PrimeTime Health Program 
Program Area 05 - Employment Services
Program Area 06 - Volunteer Services
85-06-01   Volunteer Services 
Program Area 07 - Passenger Transportation Services
04-07-01   Payer of Last Resort Policy  (additionally see ATAB 08-07-01)
Program Area 09 - Legal Assistance
Program Area 10 - Ombudsman
Program Area 11 - Information and Referral
Program Area 12 - Home Health
Program Area 13 - Personal Care
Program Area 14 - Personal Assistance Services
Program Area 18 - Medical Equipment, Supplies and Adaptive Devices
Program Area 19 - Home Support
Program Area 20 - Adult Day Care
Program Area 22 - Assessments
Program Area 23 - Care Management
Program Area 24 - Protective Services Intake/Investigation
   See APD #05-01-01
Program Area 25 - Domiciliary Care
                   Attachment 1 Agency/Provider Agreement Form
                   Attachment 2 Consumer/Provider Agreement Form   
Program Area 29 - Other