Council Officers and Members

Officers are elected each year by the members of the council and may serve for up to three consecutive years in the elected position.  The following members were elected for the 2012-2013 term.
Sara (Sallie) Parker – Chair
Stuart Wesbury – Vice Chair
Jen Martchek – Secretary
PCoA is composed of 21 members consisting of 16 appointed members and five Regional Council Chairs. The appointed members of the council are nominated by the governor, subject to the consent of the Senate and they represent the different geographic sections of the commonwealth.
Member                    County

Sallie L Parker                       Dauphin

Stuart A. Wesbury, Jr.          Lancaster

Jen Martchek                       Allegheny

Terry Barley                         Cumberland

Veronica Comfort                Lehigh

Daniel Ferguson*                Monroe

Dene Liott                            Berks

Norma Gotwalt                    Cumberland

George R. Gunn                   Montgomery

Jane Fox Laquer*                 Bucks

Dene Liott                            Bucks             

Brenda Hage                        Luzerne

Judith Harding                      Wyoming

Estella Hyde                         Crawford

John Kordish*                       Clearfield

Lois Lutz*                             Armstrong

Orla Nugent                         Berks

Gwendolyn Ogle                  Allegheny

Joseph Volk                          Bucks

Robert Wargo*                    Huntingdon

Robert Winegardner            Lancaster


*Regional Area chairperson

For more information contact:
Donna Reinaker
Pennsylvania Council on Aging
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Harrisburg, PA  17101
Phone:  717-783-4644
Fax:  717-772-3382