Pennsylvania State Plan on Aging 2008-2012 
Every four years the Department of Aging is required by state and federal law to develop and submit a State Plan on Aging to the federal Administration on Aging.  The plan is a requirement in order for the commonwealth to receive federal funds under the Older Americans Act.  Additionally, the State Plan on Aging helps to structure the department’s priorities and to set an aging agenda for the commonwealth.
The department conducted Town Hall Meetings at eight locations across Pennsylvania between January and March of this year.  Attendance was excellent with more than 2,500 participants at all locations.   The department also utilized a survey on its Web site to gather input from people who were unable to attend the meetings. A draft plan was then developed using input from the survey and the town meetings. Public hearings were conducted to gather feedback on the draft which was then incorporated into the creation of the final version of the plan.
The final Pennsylvania  State Plan on Aging for 2008-2012 is posted below. The report is broken into several smaller segments to make downloading easier.
Appendix A:  Organizational Charts
Appendix B:  2006-07 Governor’s Report on State Performance
Appendix C:  Pennsylvania Department of Aging Programs and Services
Appendix D:  Pennsylvania Area Agencies on Aging Contact Information
Appendix E:  Town Meeting Presentation
Appendix F:  Town Meeting Summary
Appendix G:  Summary of Public Opinion Poll (Interactive Internet) Survey
Appendix H:  Summary of Area Agencies on Aging 2008-2012 Area Plans
Appendix I:    Intra-State Funding Formula and Background
Appendix J:   Notice of Public Hearings
Appendix K:  List of Assurances