Who do I call to inquire about employment services for older Pennsylvanians?

You may start by calling your local Area Agency on Aging  office.  If the AAA does not provide Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) services, they will refer you to the local SCSEP provider or to the local Pennsylvania CareerLink
What are the eligibility requirements for the Senior Community Service Employment Program?

Individuals must be age 55 and older, and their income cannot exceed 125% of the most recent federal poverty guidelines. The SCSEP Provider will be able to tell you what income sources are included and excluded in determining financial eligibility.
What are some of the community service assignments in the SCSEP?

Individuals are assigned to public and private non-profit agencies such as public housing projects, libraries, legal assistance agencies, public schools, hospitals and senior centers.

Some of the benefits of SCSEP are earned wages, job-related counseling, annual physical examination, on-the-job training, unsubsidized jobs, and access to other appropriate AAA services.
Do SCSEP providers coordinate with other employment and training programs?
Yes. SCSEP providers are required partners in the local Pennsylvania CareerLink.
What if an individual is 60 years old but makes too much money to qualify for the SCSEP?
A few AAAs may still be able to match the job skills of the individual to an applicable job order from an employer through the AAA’s Employment Brokerage Service.  Older job seekers who are ineligible for SCSEP or who desire a full-time job should also be working with the local Pennsylvania CareerLink to obtain employment.