Frequently Asked Questions about APPRISE

How much do APPRISE services cost?


Nothing, all APPRISE Services are free of charge to any person on Medicare.


How can I find out where the local APPRISE Program in my county is?

Local APPRISE programs are coordinated through Area Agencies on Aging (AAA). Contact your Area Agency on Aging and they can put you in contact with the APPRISE Coordinator and/or sponsoring organization in your area. You may also call the APPRISE Toll Free number 1-800-783-7067 and a trained volunteer operator can give you your local APPRISE contact information. Click here to find a program near you.

Can APPRISE provide counseling on what to do when I turn 65 and get ready to retire?

APPRISE Counselors are specially trained to provide counseling on health insurance and the decisions you must make upon retirement. Although they cannot provide financial or retirement investment advice, they can help you decipher the many Medicare health and prescription plans options available and help determine which plan is best for your situation.

Are all APPRISE Counselors volunteers?

APPRISE is made up of mostly trained volunteer counselors. These volunteers work for local APPRISE programs which are coordinated usually by a staff person of the Area Agency on Aging. The APPRISE program also has a State coordinator employed by the Pennsylvania Department of Aging and oversees all program activities and four regional coordinators who are contracted to provide training and support to all local programs and their counselors.

Can APPRISE help me decipher Long Term Care Insurance and assist with a review of a policy I am about to purchase?

Yes, an APPRISE counselor can help you to determine whether purchasing a long term care insurance policy is the right thing for you to do.  They can help you to decide what features that you may want to include in the policy that you purchase to meet your long term care planning goals.