How APPRISE Counselors Can Help You


Our APPRISE Counselors can help you:

·        Understand your Medicare benefits by explaining what services are covered under Medicare Parts A and B and your Medicare Summary Notice

·        Understand your Medicare Prescription Drug  (Part D) benefit

·        Make informed choices about Medicare coverage options, Medigap policies and Medicare Advantage Plans

·        Understand Medicare eligibility and enrollment

·        Understand financial assistance programs that may be available to help pay for your Medicare premiums, deductible and co-pays, as well as your prescription drug needs (Extra Help and Medicare Savings Plan)

·        Understand and assist with the Medicare appeal process

·        Understand benefits under Long Term Care policies

·        By making presentations on Medicare to your group or organization


Click here for a checklist of items that you should gather and bring with you to your appointment or have available when you call the toll-free number for assistance.



Here is what our clients are saying about the APPRISE Program:

“It feels good to have a neutral party give knowledgeable advice.”

“APPRISE is a godsend!  It is a relief to know a knowledgeable person is assisting us!”

“Thank you for understanding I don’t need help to read this stuff – I need help understanding it all!”

“Help has meant so much.  I was making myself sick because I had no drug coverage.”

“I was having a hard time picking insurance because mine was no longer offered.  They helped not only with finding a good cost, but one that had many of the benefits that I was looking for.  Thank you.”

“Your method of explaining options and comparisons was extremely helpful and took away my stress and confusion in this difficult decision.”