Volunteering Through the Area Agencies on Aging


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Volunteer services program provides a varied array of opportunities for older adults to serve other seniors and their community at large. It also provides meaningful opportunities for people of all ages to participate in providing services to older persons. The volunteer services program provides for the placement of persons in a variety of volunteer roles. It can provide short and long term projects that involve persons of all ages who can assist the Area Agency on Aging in the delivery of services to older persons. Where possible, these volunteer efforts are coordinated with other volunteer initiatives. Some examples of volunteer efforts are friendly visiting and telephone reassurance.

Efforts by the Area Agency on Aging to support the volunteer programs are:

  • Volunteer systems planning
  • Skills bank development
  • Volunteer opportunity development
  • Recruitment
  • Orientation
  • Interview and placement
  • Training Supervision
  • Record keeping
  • Evaluation
  • Recognition
Questions regarding specific volunteer opportunities should be directed to your local Area Agency on Aging.