Policy Office

The Policy Office is responsible for providing information, advice and assistance to the secretary and the department on policy matters, especially as they relate to interdepartmental and intergovernmental relationships. In addition to being responsible to the Secretary of Aging, the policy director is under the aegis of the Governor's Office of Policy Development. In this capacity, the office ensures that directions set forth in various departmental issuances are consistent with broader policy objectives and compatible with interrelated Commonwealth procedures and memoranda. The office also monitors national policy trends related to the field of aging to identify their impact on the Commonwealth and the department and prepares position statements on a wide variety of plans, regulations and legislative actions proposed by federal and state agencies. The office works with other departments and agencies to develop policies in response to legislation, federal regulation and executive instruction, and serves to ensure that policy recommendations drafted by other departmental units are appropriately coordinated and that comments from affected parties in the aging network are incorporated in departmental and Commonwealth policy documents whenever feasible.