Office of the Chief Counsel

The Chief Counsel for the Department of Aging is responsible for providing advice to the secretary and the department on legal matters arising in connection with the exercise of the official powers of the department as delegated or in the performance of official duties. In addition to being responsible to the Secretary of Aging, the Chief Counsel is under the aegis of the Office of General Counsel.
On a daily basis, the duties of the Chief Counsel include the review of grants and contracts to which the department is a party and the drafting of letters of agreement. The Office of Chief Counsel is also responsible for the administration of a Hearing and Appeal process through which the department will afford a fair and impartial review to both individuals and groups denied either a service or the opportunity to provide a service.  In addition, the Chief Counsel reviews any complaints against the department involving litigation and, following this review, represents the department in the litigation or refers the matter to the Office of General Counsel