The mission of the Department of Aging is to enhance the quality of life of all older Pennsylvanians by empowering diverse communities, the family and the individual.  In fulfilling this mission, the Department of Aging works in conjunction with the Area Agencies on Aging and other service providers.  Please read on to learn about employment application procedures.  

Civil Service Employment

Most of the positions within the Department of Aging are covered by a merit system that is managed by the State Civil Service Commission.  For those who are not already employed by the Department of Aging or elsewhere in a civil service position within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the best route to securing employment is to apply to the State Civil Service Commission to take an exam for a specific job title or titles.  Anyone – regardless of their current or past employment status – who completes the application process, takes an exam and scores high enough on the applicable civil service employment list may be considered for a position.  If not on such a list, you may bid on posted civil service job vacancies only if you hold or formerly held qualifying regular state civil service status.

Getting on a civil service employment list involves participating in a competitive examination process.  To apply for such an examination, you must complete and submit a civil service application along with any other materials pertinent to the specific job title.  If you pass the exam and meet the minimum experience and training requirements, your name will be placed on a civil service list.  To see a list of the civil service examinations that are currently open, as well as other information about the State Civil Service Commission and online exam application procedures, please visit the Commission’s website at www.scsc.state.pa.us. Test announcements on the website provide details about the nature of work, job requirements, employment opportunities, veterans’ preference, age preference if applicable, and testing information for job titles.

In another route to employment, persons who once held regular civil service in a particular job and left it with good standing may apply for reinstatement to that job or to a lower-level job title for which they qualify.  If you are interested in reinstatement, please contact the Department of Aging for the most recent information on civil service vacancies.

State Job Net

Active state employees looking for other job opportunities with the Commonwealth can use State Job Net to search for openings.  Applicants may be asked to complete and provide a vacancy bidding form as well as other materials when applying.

Non-Civil Service Jobs

The Department of Aging has only a very limited number of jobs not covered by civil service.  Non-civil service employment opportunities may, however, be available at other state agencies.  Non-civil service employment is managed by the Bureau of State Employment in the Governor's Office of Administration, and you can apply for those opportunities at www.employment.pa.gov.

Jobs at Area Agencies on Aging

Those seeking to work directly with seniors or on senior programs may want to investigate employment opportunities in the 52 Area Agencies on Aging (AAAs) that provide services to our senior citizens at the local level.  Twenty-eight of these AAAs are "public" agencies, which mean their employees are county staff whose employment procedures fall under the State Civil Service Commission.  The remaining AAAs are private, non-profit entities or they have their own merit-based system with individualized hiring and promotion policies.  Aging Care Manager 1 and 2 are the most widely used jobs in the AAAs, but clerical, administrative and supervisory employees work there as well.  For information on job opportunities within the Area Agencies on Aging, please refer to the Area Agency on Aging website for a listing of their addresses and telephone numbers.

You can find information on open civil service exams for jobs used by civil-service covered AAAs on the State Civil Service Commission’s website at www.scsc.state.pa.us.  Click on the “Job Seekers” tab toward the top of the page.  You will see a Summary of Open Civil Service Examinations.  Click on “Social and Employment Services” and you will find information on open exams for local government jobs such as Aging Case Aides, Aging Care Managers, Aging Program Assessors and Aging Care Management Supervisors.


Aging Vacancy Bidding Form 

Civil Service Application (SCSC-1)

Contact Information

For more information on state employment opportunities with the Department of Aging, please contact:

Human Resources Office
555 Walnut Street, 5th Floor
Harrisburg, PA 17101-1919
E-mail: aging@pa.gov

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is proud to be Equal Opportunity Employer supporting workforce diversity.