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THIS MONTH’S COVER depicts the success of Pennsylvania’s bald eagle restoration program – success that earlier this year resulted in the bald eagle being removed from Pennsylvania’s threatened species list.
As part of a multistate eagle-recovery effort, the Game Commission in 1983 sent employees to Saskatchewan to retrieve a dozen 7-week-old eaglets from nests in the Churchill River valley. The birds were then hacked from specially constructed towers at Haldeman Island on the Susquehanna River , north of Harrisburg, and Shohola Lake in Pike County. Through 1989, 88 Saskatchewan eaglets were hacked from the two locations, both of which are depicted in the cover painting. Today, those sites are among the many statewide that have become outstanding places to view bald eagles.
The bald eagle remains protected even though Pennsylvania no longer classifies it as threatened, but the delisting marks a major milestone that sums up the eagle’s success.

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