Middle Creek Programs & Activities

Beginning in the month of April, Middle Creek will continue the highly regarded lecture series and other events and programs including the Wildlife Art Show, Wildfowl Show, Ned Smith Art Auction and a celebration of National Hunting and Fishing Day. Featured speakers cover a myriad of fascinating topics. There is no admission charge for any program. All programs begin at 7:30 p.m. at the Visitor's Center unless otherwise noted on the schedule.

Middle Creek is owned and operated by the Pennsylvania Game Commission and paid for primarily with hunting license dollars.

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2015 Programs & Activities

All programs begin at 7:30 PM at the Visitor Center unless otherwise noted. For further information or directions, please call the Middle Creek Visitor Center at: 717-733-1512 There is no admission charge for any program.

April 9

History of Rausch Gap

Highly popular since the book was first released, Rausch Gap explores the largest of the industrial comunities of the Stony Valley. During its heyday, this Lebanon County community boasted a population of some 1,000 residents. A coal mining patch town turned railroad headquarters, Rausch Gap's ruins can be explored from your seat in this approximately 30-minute presentation.   Brandy M. Watts-Martin

Stony Valley Heritage
May 7

River Otters: Ambassadors for Aquatic Conservation?

"Flagships" are "popular, charismatic species" that serve to attract conservation attention to large-scale conservation issues. Tom Serfass' presentation will explore the potential of the playful, charismatic river otter to serve as the "Flagship" for promoting the conservation of North America's aquatic ecosystems. Tom will use examples from his experiences coordinating the Pennsylvania River Otter Reintroduction Project, exploring the value of spotted-neck otters as a "Flagship" at Rubondo Island National Park, Tanzania, and a current project with river otters in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. This presentation will include a review of both the ecological and social issues pertaining to river otters that need to be addressed as part of developing the species as an "Ambassador for Aquatic Connservation." Dr. Tom Serfass

Professor of Wildlife Ecology
Frostburg State University
June 11

Eel Restoration on the Susquehanna River

American eels play an important role in the Susquehanna River ecosystem. They are prey and predator at different life stages to many invertebrates, fish and birds. In addition, they may play an important role in the life cycle of filter feeding freshwater mussels. This program will outline the efforts of the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to restore eels to the Susquehanna. The goal of this program is to restore American eels that could positively impact not only the river ecosystem but also improve water quality in the Chesapeake Bay.   Julie Devers

Fishery Biologist
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
July 9

Integrated System of Waste Management

Kathryn will present the Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority's Integrated System of managing waste, including how the organization protects the environment while also developing natural habitats for wildlife and outdoor recreational opportunities for residents. LCSWMA utilizes an integrated system of managing the municipal solid waste from 520,000 residents in Lancaster.   Kathryn J. Sandoe

Communications Manager
7, 8 & 9

Middle Creek Wildlife Art Show

The 30th Annual Wildlife Art Show will showcase the works of 30 of Pennsylvania's finest widlife artists. Enjoy some beautiful wildlife art and meet the artists who create it.   Fri. Aug. 7

Sat. Aug. 8 9AM-6PM

Sun. Aug. 9 10AM-5PM
August 13

Pennsylvania Boreal Conifer Forest Bird Challenges and Opportunities

The timber era (late 1800s-early 1900s) destroyed most of the state's spruce forests, although there has been a partial recovery. These forests support the most southernly extent of the yellow-bellied flycatcher and blackpoll warbler (both endangered in Pennsylvania) breeding populations. Other state species of conservation concern in this habitat guild include the Swainson's thrush, northern waterthrush, white-throated sparrow, red crossbill, and formerly the olive-sided flycatcher. Natural conifer regeneration shows potential despite many obstacles. Learn how a combination of protection and silviculture practices are planned for improved management of this threatened ecosystem.   Doug Gross

Pennsylvania Game Commission
September 3

White Nose Syndrome

First documented in New York during the winter of 2006-07, White-Nose Syndrome (WNS) is believed to have surfaced in Pennsylvania in 2008 and began killing cave bats in 2009. WNS refers to a white fungus on the muzzles and wing membranes of affected bats. Because this fungus is a cold-loving fungus, it is a condition that only affects bats while they hibernate. Therefore, it is not harmful to humans and does not grow on bats during summer months. This fungus has been confirmed to be the causative agent of the disease, although the specific mechanism of how it causes mortality is not fully understood. This program will update the most current research on WNS and its current status within Pennsylvania.   Dan Mummert

Pennsylvania Game Commission
19 & 20

Wildfowl Show

The 29th annual Middle Creek Wildfowl Show will feature hand-carved waterfowl decoys, other wildfowl art and much more. Decoy carvers will enter their creations into gunning decoy, decorative decoy and shorebird decoy competitions. Retriever demonstrations will also be featured. General proceeds from the show will benefit the Wildlands Preservation Fund for the preservation of open space.   9AM - 5PM Both Days

Retriver Demonstrations:
Sat. 10AM & noon
Sun. 11AM & 1PM

National Hunting and Fishing Day

Hunters and anglers have always been at the forefront of the conservation movement. National Hunting and Fishing Day is designed to acknowledge and celebrate the contributions of sportsmen towards conservation. It also is designed to introduce others to the joys of outdoor pursuits. Many sportsmen's organizations will be represented along with other conservation groups. There will be ongoing exhibits, programs and activities throughout the day. If you appreciate and enjoy the Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area, come out and thank the sportsmen; for without them, places like this would not exist.   11AM - 5PM

Middle Creek is owned and operated by the Pennsylvania Game Commission and paid for primarily with hunting license dollars

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