Draft 2015 Pennsylvania Wildlife Action Plan

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Open public comment period thru September 11 on the

Draft 2015 Pennsylvania Wildlife Action Plan.

The Game Commission and Fish & Boat Commission are seeking comments on the draft 2015 Pennsylvania Wildlife Action Plan (Plan). Comments will be received through September 11, 2015. To review and comment, use the links provided below to access individual chapters and use the link to the comment form associated with that chapter to offer comments.

We welcome and encourage your feedback on any or all parts of the draft Plan. All comments are valuable to us! Note that we will not respond to individual comments, but will review and consider each comment for the final document.

Thank you in advance for your time and thoughtful comments. We greatly appreciate your interest in this vital effort to manage Pennsylvania's natural heritage for future generations.

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Topic Comments Contents
Road Map Roadmap Comments Form Where Required Elements have been addressed
Introduction Introduction Comment Table of Contents, Acknowledgments, Foreword, Agency Authorities, Review of 2005 Plan
Species (1) Species Chapter Comment Form Species of Greatest Conservation Need Selection & Prioritization descriptions; Appendices 1.1-1.3
Species Accounts - Amphibians, Reptiles, Fishes, Mussels Species Account Comment Form (PFBC species) Species accounts for PFBC Species of Greatest Conservation Need
Species Accounts - Birds & Mammals Species Account Comment Form (PGC species) Species accounts for PGC Species of Greatest Conservation Need
Habitats (2) Habitat Chapter Comment Form Habitat extent and condition
Threats (3) Threats Chapter Comment Form Environmental Threats to Species and Habitats
Conservation Actions (4) Actions Chapter Comment Form Conservation Actions for addressing Threats
Monitoring (5) Monitoring Chapter Comment Form Approaches for monitoring species and plan implementation
Revision (6) Revision Chapter Comment Form Process for review and revision of the Plan in the next 10 years
Partnerships (7) Partnerships Chapter Comment Form Agencies and organizations involved in Plan revision
Public Participation (8) Public Participation Comment Form Review of public involvement in Plan revision and implementation
References and Abbreviations References/Abbreviations Comment Form Referenced literature and websites; abbreviations
General Comments Use this form to share general comments on the draft Wildlife Action Plan.

For nearly three years, Game Commission and Fish & Boat Commission staff, with assistance from numerous conservation partners, have revised the 2005 Pennsylvania Wildlife Action Plan; an important blueprint for conservation action. Required by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) to keep the Plans current and for continued receipt of State & Tribal Wildlife Grants Program funding, each state must revise its State Wildlife Action Plan no less than every 10 years.

This draft 2015 Pennsylvania Wildlife Action Plan updates the species of greatest conservation need, extent and condition of associated habitat, threats to species and habitats, conservation actions to address threats, monitoring to gauge implementation progress, and coordination with conservation partners and public involvement. The revised Plan is due to the USFWS by September 30, 2015.

Questions? Contact: WildlifePlanCmnts@pa.gov

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