Pennsylvania’s Wildlife Action Plan

The 2005 State Wildlife Action Plan is being updated and we want your help!

Pennsylvania's natural resources are the foundation of its beauty and cultural heritage and, just like the environmental rights section of the state constitution, the State Wildlife Action Plan helps ensure these resources remain available for future generations. This proactive plan works to keep species from becoming threatened or endangered. This approach helps to reduce the costs of fish and wildlife management by decreasing expensive recoveries of species in need of critical care.

The Game Commission and Fish & Boat Commission presently are revising this important blueprint for conservation action to help ensure it reflects the current needs and priorities for species of greatest conservation need and their habitats. The revised plan is due to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service by October 1, 2015. The State Wildlife Action Plan must be revised no less than every 10 years and is required for states to receive State & Tribal Wildlife Grants Program funding.

We want to hear from you!

We welcome and encourage public comment on draft sections of this plan using the comment form provided by clicking the links below. In early 2015, a completed draft of the entire State Wildlife Action Plan will be posted for public review and comment. Please note that we will not be providing individual responses to comments. However, we will review each comment and address the concern, as appropriate, in the revised plan. A summary of comments will be included in the completed draft plan, but names of individuals providing comments will not be included.

We greatly appreciate your interest in this vital effort to protect Pennsylvania's natural heritage for future generations.

Documents for Public Comment

Comments will be accepted through March 31, 2015

GOAL 1. Conserve Pennsylvania's native wildlife and its habitat by implementing conservation actions in the Wildlife Action Plan.

GOAL 2. Base wildlife conservation decisions on the best available science, with an emphasis on Species of Greatest Conservation Need and its habitat.

GOAL 3. Ensure the necessary resources are available to conserve Pennsylvania's native wildlife.

GOAL 4. Continue to improve cooperation of the public agencies and other partners in wildlife conservation planning and implementation.

GOAL 5. Develop a knowledgeable citizenry that supports and participates in wildlife conservation.

GOAL 6. Contribute to range-wide conservation of Species of Greatest Conservation Need.

Previous documents still available for comment:

Contact: Cathy Haffner, Wildlife Diversity Conservation Planning Coordinator,

Since its approval in 2006 by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the Pennsylvania Wildlife Action Plan has been a foundational document for guiding research and management of fish and wildlife in the Commonwealth. Without it, many species wouldn't be getting the management attention they need.

2005 Wildlife Action Plan
Entire Pennsylvania's Wildlife Action Plan - pdf

Habitat Assessment
Invertebrates Assessment

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