Southcentral Field Officer Report  - November 21, 2014

Cumberland County WCO Tim Wenrich reports that on the opening day of pheasant season, a routine check of a pheasant hunter without the required amount of fluorescent orange, led to additional charges of unlawfully taken big game, unlawfully purchased licenses, and numerous other game law charges. “The actions of this hunter are not typical of our sportsmen, and he is facing some stiff penalties,” Wenrich said.

Cumberland County WCO Tim Wenrich reports encountering several cases involving violations of hunting over bait. One was reported after someone harvested a doe. “Our officers try to stop violations such as these as soon as they’re discovered, in order to avert the chance of wildlife been killed needlessly or unlawfully,” Wenrich said. “Anyone witnessing bait in a hunting location should report it to the region office as soon as possible.”

Bedford County WCO Salvadore Zaffuto reports that an Everett man has pleaded guilty to illegally taking a truckload of wood from the state game lands for his own personal use.

Pennsylvania Game Commission, 2001 Elmerton Ave, Harrisburg Pennsylvania 17110-9797