Southcentral Field Officer Report  - December 5, 2014

Adams County WCO Cory Ammerman reports in the month of November, one subject from Maryland was arrested for possession with intent to deliver narcotics, and charged with several other drug possession counts. DUI charges were filed against a man whose blood-alcohol content was 0.232 percent and who had active marijuana is his system. Four charges were filed on individuals for possessing unlawful deer, failure to tag, littering, and unlawful importation of high-risk elk parts from Colorado. Also filed were citations for failure to tag traps, orange violations and loaded weapons in vehicles. 

Perry County WCO Kevin Anderson reports that two men were recently charged with spotlighting after 11 p.m., and spotlighting with firearms in the vehicle. On Nov. 1, a vehicle was observed spotlighting at 1:25 a.m. and a vehicle stop was conducted. Inside the vehicle was a .223 caliber rifle along with a bow and arrow.

Land Management Group Supervisor Steven Bernardi reported that after the first day of rifle deer season, charges were pending against several individuals for hunting without the required fluorescent orange, driving off-road vehicles on game lands, and failure to report harvested big game. One fellow said he didn’t know he had to report his deer harvest. Harvest reporting for big game has been required for quite some time. Even if you’ve been hunting for years, it’s important to read the Hunting & Trapping Digest that is supplied whenever a hunting license is purchased.

Blair County WCO William Brehun reports that nine citations have been filed at the conclusion of a Thanksgiving night detail on state game lands and Altoona City Water Authority properties. Altoona City Water Authority is signed up in the Forest Game Cooperative Program in partnership with the Game Commission, and law-enforcement efforts help keep unwanted activities to a minimum there. The most common violation is the operation of any motorized vehicle on land posted closed to such activity.       

Bedford County WCO Jeremy Coughenour reports that a Hyndman area man was found to be hunting during the rifle deer season opener over corn he placed on State Game Lands 104. The man had shot a nice 8-point buck minutes before officers arrived at his stand. The man is a repeat offender, and was caught the previous year hunting over bait on the same game lands. The illegally killed buck was confiscated and multiple citations are pending. 

Adams County WCO Darren David reports that on the first day of the regular deer season, two men assisted another to hunt without any hunting license. A protected deer was killed, which they claimed was a roadkill they found while merely target shooting in the middle of a field.  Multiple charges are pending for multiple suspects.

Cumberland County WCO John Fetchkan reports that violations such as road hunting for pheasants were common in November, especially right after the Game Commission Food and Cover crew stocked them. Several citations relating to this act were written. Orange violations were also common during the small-game season.

Snyder County WCO Harold Malehorn reported that he and Cadet Matt Savinda issued citations on an individual for trapping while on revocation, unlawful take of four raccoons and one muskrat, and using traps improperly marked. They also turned over violations to the Fish Commission. They issued citations to another individual for assisting in the unlawful take of the raccoons and muskrat. 

Snyder County WCO Harold Malehorn reported that he and Cadet Andrew Harvey issued a citation to one trapper for setting a trap using bait visible from the air, and a citation to a trapper for not checking his traps every 36 hours. 

Mifflin County WCO Jeffrey Mock reports that on back-to-back nights in November, poachers were apprehended in Mifflin County. On Nov. 8 a lone individual was caught in Armagh Township spotlighting at 2:30 a.m. In his truck, officers located a loaded 30-30, compound bow with broadhead-tipped arrows, and a loaded S&W 500. When questioned, he admitted that he was out to get a deer, he just couldn’t get the shot that he wanted.

Huntingdon County WCO Amy Nabozny reports that with the help of a few involved sportsmen, she was able to successfully apprehend an individual for road hunting in the Warriors Mark area.  The individual had shot and killed a large doe during the early special firearms season. This individual had been arrested two years ago for the same offense and had just gotten his license back this year after having been on revocation for the prior incident.
Land Management Group Supervisor Chris Skipper reminds hunters not to block gates or roads when parking vehicles in lots on game lands, so others can access the parking lots as well.

Cumberland County WCO Timothy Wenrich advised that a local hunter pleaded guilty to safety zone and damage to property violations. He shot at a deer with a crossbow and his bolt penetrated a nearby fence and landed approximately 10 yards from a nearby house. He paid for the cost to repair the fence in addition to the penalties for the violations.

Land Management Group Supervisor Jonathan S. Zuck reports he found an area on a Bedford County state game lands where methamphetamines were produced and instruments of the manufacturing process were discarded. The site had to be cleaned up by a crew trained in removing the potentially toxic materials. Zuck also noted he assisted in a search on State Game Lands 73 for a hunter who was thought to be lost. Unfortunately, the hunter died of natural causes while hunting and his body was recovered after a nearly 24-hour search.

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