Southeast Field Officer Report   - March 27, 2015

Berks County WCO Matt Teehan reports that Hunter-Trapper Education instructors have been trained and class schedules have been approved. Instructors are beginning to announce available courses on the agency’s website. 

Bucks County WCO Shawna Burkett would like to remind citizens that, as the weather warms up, animals become more active. Very soon, many species will be having their young. “Please enjoy watching these animals, but always from a safe distance,” she said.

Chester County WCO Matthew Johnson reports finishing an investigation where a 4-point deer was discovered at a processor with a falsified tag. The deer was harvested and transported from Bradford County on Dec. 1, but tagged with a license that was purchased on Dec. 3. Charges have been filed.

Delaware County WCO Justin Ritter reports that one individual has been charged for illegally dumping deer carcasses along a stream bank. The location is a popular spot for family recreation and fishing.

Lancaster County WCO Greg Graham indicates that most of the migratory snow geese at Middle Creek have moved on to their nesting grounds in the Arctic Circle. Over 100,000 snow geese and several thousand swans used the lake and surrounding fields this year. Late winter snowstorms and frigid temperatures delayed the migration.

Lancaster County WCO Greg Graham reports that three individuals were apprehended in a hunting violation involving snow geese. Charges are pending for using a vehicle to locate game, loaded firearms in vehicles in motion, shooting across a road, trespassing, unauthorized use of lead shot and hunting without a license. Another incident involved a junior hunter who was hunting unaccompanied.

Lebanon County WCO Brian W Sheetz reports numerous citations being filed for snow-goose hunting violations. “One case involves two people in North Lebanon Township who drove into a field at 7:45 p.m. and started to shoot snow geese,” he said.  “One of the injured geese fell into someone’s front yard. This same group of people is also believed to have shot at more geese around 8:10 p.m. in another field nearby.” Anyone with more information is asked to call the Game Commission’s Southeast Region office.

Lebanon County WCO Brian W Sheetz reports that, thanks to the help of two groundhog hunters, charges have been filed against an individual who failed to come and check his traps and remove them after the close of the season. “The trapper had caught a fox and never came to release it or check his traps,” Sheetz said.

Lehigh and Northampton counties WCO Tyler Kreider reports that a mature, male bald eagle collided with a vehicle along Interstate 78, near Easton. The eagle was recovered by the Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission and turned over to the Game Commission. It had two leg bands that allowed the regional biologist to determine that the bird had been banded as a juvenile several years prior in New York.

Montgomery County WCO Raymond Madden received a call about a fox in a trap around the Green Lane Park area. The fox had been in the trap for a while and needed to be euthanized. “Fox trapping season has been over for a while so there is no lawful excuse for having a trap out at this time,” he said. “Since the traps were not tagged, if anyone sees any traps out around the park or has any information, please call the region office at 610-926-3136.”

Northampton County WCO Brad Kreider reports that the foul weather/dim light firearms training and qualifications for all Southeast Region officers have been completed in March.

Northampton County WCO Brad Kreider reports that the Bushkill Township Police Department reported an injured mature bald eagle, which Game Commission officers transported to Pocono Rehabilitation Center. Due to severe injuries the eagle died the next morning.  

Schuylkill County WCO Joel Gibble reports that he is receiving bear-complaint calls and would like to remind everyone to keep their trash indoors, temporarily remove bird feeders and make sure pet food does not stay outdoors.

Chester, Lancaster and York counties LMGS Linda Swank comments that diversity is the name of the game. The past week has been filled with studying for and taking the chemical applicators test to be qualified to use herbicides on the game lands; a day on the range qualifying with handguns and shotgun; taking the pack test to be qualified to participate in the prescribed fire program; and reviewing material on wildlife diseases as required by policy. 

Chester, Lancaster and York counties LMGS Linda Swank reports that crews have pruned fruit trees to prepare them for their productive season to benefit wildlife.

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