Northeast Field Officer Report   - December 19, 2014

Pike County WCO Kirk Miller reports an individual pleaded guilty to killing a deer in archery season in a baited area. The individual also was cited for not properly wearing the required amount of fluorescent orange material while hunting during the overlap of early muzzleloader season. The individual paid fines totaling over $1,200.

Susquehanna County WCO Rich Briggs reports that hunting wildlife through the use of bait remains to be a problem in the county. Nine individuals have been cited this past hunting season for that violation.
Susquehanna County WCO Rich Briggs reports that “road hunting” continues to be a problem in the county. Two individuals have been cited as enforcement efforts have increased. WCO Briggs would like to remind hunters that using a vehicle to locate game and wildlife is unlawful, even if the hunter gets outs of their vehicle before shooting. 

Wayne County WCO Frank J. Dooley reports a two-month investigation into the poaching of a large trophy-class buck in the Lookout area of Wayne County has ended. Dooley said that he almost gave up on leads until he received an anonymous letter naming a person of interest. As a result of the letter, and several interviews, the poacher admitted to the crime and charges were filed.

Bradford County WCO Philip Kasper reports that charges will be filed against a Towanda Township man for the unlawful taking of an antlerless deer on the first day of the rifle deer season. Antlerless deer season did not open in Wildlife Management Units 3B and 3C until Saturday, Dec. 6. The individual did not read his Hunting & Trapping Digest and was unaware of the season dates, and attempted to conceal the violation by butchering the deer in a basement. Information provided by a passerby proved to be the catalyst that led to charges.

Northumberland County WCO Jason Kelley reports citing an individual for an illegal out-of-season deer from Sunbury, an improperly tagged deer from Elysburg, and several spotlighting violations in the month of November.

Monroe County WCO Bryan Mowrer cited men from New Jersey and New York for having resident licenses for their home states as well as Pennsylvania. The men both owned part-time vacation homes in the Poconos and presented electric bills to the license issuing agents, telling them that they did not have time to get a change of address. They avoided buying the “more expensive” nonresident license, but will now have to pay a fine as well as purchase nonresident licenses in order to hunt in Pennsylvania in the future. 

Wyoming County WCO Victor Rosa reports several suspects were cited for using food as an attractant for deer. A few of the suspects believed that if they were not hunting directly over the bait that they would not be in violation. As long as wildlife are coming to the food, the distance from the stand location and the bait is irrelevant if the suspect is taking advantage of the bait.

Luzerne County WCOs Philip White and Gerald Kapral responded to a report of a hunter injured by gunfire. The investigation resulted in several charges being filed on an individual from Nanticoke. The troubling part is the incident could have been avoided had the hunter properly identified his target, and the victim displayed the required amount of fluorescent orange while turkey hunting.

WCO Cadet Thomas Kline, working with Pike County WCO Mark Kropa, reports that on the opening day of the rifle deer season an individual was reported to be shooting deer from a vehicle in Greene Township.  After receiving information from the caller, and completing a detailed investigation, the individual admitted to a number of serious violations. These violations include two counts of unlawful killing of big game, using a vehicle to locate game, shooting on or across highways, failing to possess a hunting license, using another persons tag and shooting within a safety zone. Charges will be filed and fines could exceed $5,000. 

WCO Cadet Amanda Powell reports charging numerous individuals in Wayne County on the  first day of the firearms deer season with violations including hunting through the use of enticements, loaded firearms on ATVs, unlawful possession of game, and license violations.

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