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Wildlife Biologists

Wildlife Management Bureau

Wayne A. Laroche

Wildlife Management Director

Daniel Brauning

Wildlife Diversity Chief

Robert Boyd

Wildlife Services Division Chief

Ian Gregg

Game Management Division Chief

Game Management - Deer & Elk

Chris Rosenberry

Section Supervisor

Bret Wallingford

Wildlife Biologist

Jeannine Tardiff Fleegle

Wildlife Biologist

Jeremy Banfield

Wildlife Biologist

Game Management - Game Mammals

Matthew Lovallo

Section Superviosr

Tom Hardisky

Wildlife Biologist

Mark Ternent

Wildlife Biologist

Emily Boyd

Wildlife Biologist

Game Management - Game Birds


Section Supervisor

Scott Klinger

Wildlife Biologist

Kevin Jacobs

Wildlife Biologist

Mary Jo Casalena

Wildlife Biologist

Lisa Williams

Wildlife Biologist

Jeremy Stempka

Wildlife Biologist

Thomas Keller

Wildlife Biologist

Wildlife Diversity - Endangered & Nongame Birds
Douglas Gross Section Supervisor

Patti Barber

Wildlife Biologist

Wildlife Diversity - Endangered & Nongame Mammals
Greg Turner Section Supervisor

Lindsey Heffernan

Wildlife Biologist

Wildlife Diversity - Planning & Grants Admin

Cathy Haffner

Wildlife Biologist

Nathan J. Zalik

Wildlife Biologist

Wildlife Services - Wildlife Health

Dr. Justin Brown

Wildlife Veterinarian

Wildlife Services - Statistical Support

Joshua Johnson

Wildlife Biometrician

Wildlife Services - Survey & Technical Support

Melanie Weaver

Wildlife Biologist

Northwest Regional Wildlife Management Biologists
Roger Coup Wildlife Supervisor
Stacy Wolbert Diversity Biologist
Tim Hoppe Wildlife Biologist

Southwest Regional Wildlife Management Biologists
Samara Trusso Wildlife Supervisor
Tammy Colt Diversity Biologist

Northcentral Regional Wildlife Management Biologists
Tony Ross Wildlife Supervisor
Mario Giazzon Wildlife Biologist
Vacant Wildlife Biologist

Southcentral Regional Wildlife Management Biologists
Justin Vreeland Wildlife Supervisor
Clay Lutz Diversity Biologist
Wyatt Knepp Wildlife Biologist

Northeast Regional Wildlife Management Biologists
Kevin Wenner Wildlife Supervisor
Rich Fritsky Diversity Biologist
Molly Giles Wildlife Biologist
Vacant Wildlife Biologist

Southeast Regional Wildlife Management Biologists
Dr. John Morgan Wildlife Supervisor
Daniel Mummert Diversity Biologist
Vacant Wildlife Biologist
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