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Health Statistics A to Z


Health Statistics topics from A to Z are listed below.  Click on any of the topics, which will open up a page providing you with direct links to health data and/or reports available on the Internet.





Accidental and Injury Deaths

Accidental Injuries (See Injuries )

Accidents - Motor Vehicle (See Traffic Accidents )

AIDS and HIV Infection

Air Quality

Alcohol Use

Alzheimer’s Disease Deaths

Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Amebiasis (See Notifiable Diseases )

Anencephalus (See Birth Defects )

Angina (See Cardiovascular Disease )

Animal Bites (See Bites and Stings )

Anthrax (See Notifiable Diseases )

Arrests (See Crime )


Asbestosis (See Lung Disease (Work-related) )

Assaults - Arrests (See Crime )

Assaults - Homicides (See Accidental and Injury Deaths )

Assaults (Injuries)

Assisted Living Residences (See Personal Care Homes )

Asthma - Work-related (See Lung Disease (Work-related) )



Attention Deficit Disorder ( See School Health Statistics)

Autism (See Childhood Disabilities )

Automobile Accidents (See Traffic Accidents )



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Behavioral Risk Factors

Bicycle Injuries

Birth Defects

Birth Defects & Developmental - School Students (See School Health Statistics )

Births and Pregnancies

Bites and Stings

Black Lung - Pneumoconiosis (See Lung Disease (Work-related) )

Blindness - Children (See Childhood Disabilities )

Blindness (See Vision Impairments )

Boarding Homes (See Personal Care Homes )

Boating Accidents

Botulism (See Notifiable Diseases )

Brain Injuries - Children (See Childhood Disabilities )

Brain Injuries (See Head Injuries )

Breast Cancer (See Cancer )

Breast Exam - Clinical (See Cancer Screening )

Brucellosis (See Notifiable Diseases )


Byssinosis (See Lung Disease (Work-related) )


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Campylobacteriosis (See Notifiable Diseases )

Cancer Screening


Cardiovascular Disease

Care Giving

Cataracts (See Vision Impairments )

Census (See Population )

Cerebral Palsy Deaths (See Deaths )

Cerebrovascular Disease

Cervical Cancer (See Cancer )

Cesarean Section (See Births and Pregnancies )

Chickenpox (See Notifiable Diseases )

Child Abuse

Childhood Disabilities

Childhood Immunization (See Immunization )

Childhood Obesity

Chlamydia (See Sexually Transmitted Diseases )

Cholera (See Notifiable Diseases )


Cigarette Smoking (See Tobacco Use )

Cleft Palate (See Birth Defects )

Club Foot (See Birth Defects )

Coal Worker’s Pneumoconiosis (See Lung Disease (Work-related) )

Coccidioidomycosis (See Notifiable Diseases )

College Education

Colorectal Cancer (See Cancer )

Communicable Diseases (See Notifiable Diseases )

Congenital Anomalies (See Birth Defects )

Congenital Rubella Syndrome (See Notifiable Diseases )

Coronary Heart Disease (See Heart Disease )


Cryptosporidiosis (See Notifiable Diseases )

Cyclosporiasis (See Notifiable Diseases )

Cystic Fibrosis Deaths (See Deaths ) 


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Deafness - Children (See Childhood Disabilities )


Delinquency (See Crime )

Demographics (See Population )

Dental Health (See Oral Health )

Dental Health - School Students ( See School Health Statistics)

Dentists & Dental Hygienists (See Health Care Personnel )


Diabetic Retinopathy (See Vision Impairments )

Diphtheria (See Notifiable Diseases )

Disabilities - Childhood (See Childhood Disabilities )

Doctors (See Health Care Personnel )

Dog Bites (See Bites and Stings )

Domestic Violence (See Crime )

Down Syndrome (See Birth Defects )

Drinking (See Alcohol Use )

Drinking Water (See Water (Drinking Quality) )

Dropouts - High School (See Education (K-12) )

Drowning Deaths (See Accidental and Injury Deaths )

Drowning Injuries (See Injuries )

Drug Abuse 

Drug Arrests (See Crime )

Drug Overdose Deaths

Drug Poisoning Deaths (See Accidental and Injury Deaths )

Drunk Driving Arrests (See Crime )

Drunk Driving Crashes (See Traffic Accidents )


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Education - College ( See College Education)

Education (K-12)

Ehrlichiosis (See Notifiable Diseases )

Elderly (See Aging )

Emergency Health Services (See Ambulatory Surgery Centers )

Emotionally Disturbed Children (See Childhood Disabilities )

Encephalitis (See Notifiable Diseases )

Epilepsy Deaths (See Deaths )

Epilepsy - School Students ( See School Health Statistics)

Escherichia Coli - E. Coli (See Notifiable Diseases )

Exercise and Physical Activity          


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Falls - Deaths (See Accidental and Injury Deaths )

Falls - Injuries (See Injuries )

Family Health

Fetal Death

Firearm Injuries (See Injuries )

Firearm-Related Deaths (See Accidental and Injury Deaths )

Fire Deaths (See Accidental and Injury Deaths )

Fitness (See Exercise and Physical Activity )

Flu - Deaths (See Deaths )

Flu - Influenza Cases (See Notifiable Diseases )

Flu Shots (See Immunization )

Folic Acid Use (See Vitamin Use )

Food Poisoning (See Notifiable Diseases )

Fruits & Vegetables (See Behavioral Risk Factors )


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General Health (See Behavioral Risk Factors)

German Measles - Rubella (See Notifiable Diseases)

Giardiasis (See Notifiable Diseases)

Glaucoma (See Vision Impairments)

Gonorrhea (See Sexually Transmitted Diseases)

Guillain Barre Syndrome (See Notifiable Diseases)


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Haemophilius Influenzae (See Notifiable Diseases )

Hansen Disease - Leprosy (See Notifiable Diseases )

Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (See Notifiable Diseases )

Hate Crimes (See Crime )

Head Injuries

Health Care Costs

Health Care Insurance

Health Care Personnel

Health Disparity

Health Education

Health Equity (See Health Disparity ) 

Health Facilities

Health Profiles

Healthy People

Hearing Impairments - Children (See Childhood Disabilities )

Heart Attack (See Heart Disease )

Heart Disease

Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome (See Notifiable Diseases )

Hepatitis (See Notifiable Diseases )

High Blood Pressure (See Hypertension )

Histoplasmosis (See Notifiable Diseases )

HIV Infection (See AIDS and HIV Infection )

HMO Enrollment

HMO Evaluation

Home Health Care


Homicides (See Accidental and Injury Deaths )


Hospitals (See Health Facilities )

Hydrocephalus (See Birth Defects )

Hyperactivity - School Students ( See School Health Statistics)

Hyperopia (See Vision Impairments )



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Induced Abortions (See Abortions )

Infant Deaths (See Deaths )

Infant Health (See Family Health )

Infectious Diseases (See Notifiable Diseases )

Influenza & Pneumonia Deaths (See Deaths )

Influenza (See Notifiable Diseases )

Injuries - Work-Related (See Occupational Injuries )


Injury Deaths (See Accidental and Injury Deaths )

Inpatient Hospitalization (See Hospitalization )

Insurance (See Health Care Insurance )

Ischemic Heart Disease (See Heart Disease )


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Juvenile Delinquency (See Crime )   


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Kidney and Renal Diseases     


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Lead Poisoning

Learning Disabilities (See Childhood Disabilities )

Legionellosis (See Notifiable Diseases )

Leprosy (See Notifiable Diseases )

Leptospirosis (See Notifiable Diseases )

Leukemias (See Cancer )

Licensed Practical Nurses (See Health Care Personnel )

Liver Disease Deaths (See Deaths )

Long Term Care Facilities (See Health Facilities )

Lung & Bronchus Cancer (See Cancer )

Lung Disease (Work-related)

Lyme Disease

Lymphogranuloma Venereum - Chlamydia (See Sexually Transmitted Diseases )


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Macular Degeneration (See Vision Impairments )

Malaria (See Notifiable Diseases )

Mammograms (See Cancer Screening )

Maternal and Child Health (See Family Health )

Measles (See Notifiable Diseases )


Medical Assistance (See Medicaid )


Medication Administration - School Students ( See School Health Statistics)

Melanoma of the Skin (See Cancer )

Meningitis (See Notifiable Diseases )

Meningococcal Disease (See Notifiable Diseases )

Mental Health

Mental Retardation - Children (See Childhood Disabilities )

Microcephalus (See Birth Defects )

Midwives (See Births and Pregnancies )

Minority Health (See Health Disparity ) 

Miscarriages (See Fetal Deaths )

Morbidity (See Notifiable Diseases )

Mortality (See Deaths )

Motor Vehicle Accidents (See Traffic Accidents )

Motor Vehicle Deaths (See Accidental and Injury Deaths )

Multiple Sclerosis Deaths (See Deaths )

Mumps (See Notifiable Diseases )

Muscular Dystrophy Deaths (See Deaths )

Myocardial Infarction (See Heart Disease )

Myopia (See Vision Impairments )


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Natality (See Births and Pregnancies )

Neonatal Deaths (See Deaths )

Neoplasms (See Cancer )

Nephritis & Nephrosis Deaths (See Deaths )

Neurologic Disorders - School Students (See School Health Statistics)

Notifiable Diseases

Nurses (See Health Care Personnel )

Nursing Homes (See Health Facilities )

Nutrition (See Behavioral Risk Factors )


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Obesity (See Overweight Prevalence )

Obesity - Childhood (See Childhood Obesity )

Occupational Injuries

Oral Health

Ornithosis - Psittacosis (See Notifiable Diseases )

Orthopedic Impairments - Children (See Childhood Disabilities )


Ovarian Cancer (See Cancer )

Overweight Prevalence          


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Pap Tests (See Cancer Screening )

Parkinson’s Disease Deaths (See Deaths )

Perinatal Conditions (See Deaths )

Personal Care Homes

Pertussis (See Notifiable Diseases )

Physical Activity (See Exercise and Physical Activity )

Physicians (See Health Care Personnel )

Plague (See Notifiable Diseases )

Pneumoconiosis - Work-Related (See Lung Disease (Work-related) )

Pneumonia Deaths (See Deaths )


Poliomyelitis - Polio (See Notifiable Diseases )


Pregnancies (See Births and Pregnancies )

Prostate Cancer Screening (See Cancer Screening )

Prostate Cancer (See Cancer )

Psittacosis (See Notifiable Diseases )

Psychiatric Disorders - School Students (See Mental Health )         


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Q Fever - Coxiella Burnetii (See Notifiable Diseases )         


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Rabies (See Notifiable Diseases )


Registered Nurses (See Health Care Personnel )

Renal Diseases (See Kidney and Renal Diseases )

Reportable Diseases (See Notifiable Diseases )

Respiratory Disease Deaths (See Deaths )

Respiratory Disease - Work-Related (See Lung Disease (Work-related) )

Retirement Homes (See Personal Care Homes )

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (See Notifiable Diseases )

Rubella - German Measles (See Notifiable Diseases )

Rural and Urban Health       


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Safe Drinking Water (See Water (Drinking Quality) )

Salmonellosis (See Notifiable Diseases )

School Health Statistics

School - Profiles K-12 (See Education (K-12) )

School Violence

Seat Belt Use

Seizures - School Students (See School Health Statistics)

Self-inflicted Injuries

Septicemia Deaths (See Deaths )

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Shigellosis (See Notifiable Diseases )

Sickle Cell Disease - School Students ( See School Health Statistics)

Sigmoidoscopy (See Cancer Screening )

Silicosis (See Lung Disease (Work-related) )

Skin Cancer (See Cancer )

Smoke Detectors

Smokeless Tobacco Use (See Tobacco Use )

Smoking (See Tobacco Use )

Special Education (See Education (K-12) )

Speech Impairments - Children (See Childhood Disabilities )

Spina Bifida (See Birth Defects )

Spina Bifida Deaths (See Deaths )

Streptococcus (See Notifiable Diseases )

Stroke (See Cerebrovascular Disease )

Substance Abuse (See Drug Abuse)

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (See Deaths )

Suffocation (See Injuries )

Suicide (See Accidental and Injury Deaths )

Syphilis (See Sexually Transmitted Diseases )         


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Teenage Pregnancy (See Births and Pregnancies )

Tetanus (See Notifiable Diseases )

Tobacco Use

Toxic Shock Syndrome (See Notifiable Diseases )

Toxoplasmosis (See Notifiable Diseases )

Traffic Accidents

Trichinosis (See Notifiable Diseases )

Tuberculosis - Work-related (See Lung Disease (Work-related) )


Tularemia (See Notifiable Diseases )

Typhoid Fever (See Notifiable Diseases )


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Unintentional Injury Deaths (See Accidental and Injury Deaths )

Urban Health (See Rural and Urban Health )      


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Vaccination (See Immunization)

Varicella - Chickenpox (See Notifiable Diseases )

Venereal Diseases (See Sexually Transmitted Diseases )

Violence (See Crime )

Vision Impairments - Children (See Childhood Disabilities )

Vision Impairments

Vital Statistics

Vitamin Use          


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Water (Drinking Quality)

Water Pollution

West Nile Virus

Whooping Cough - Pertussis (See Notifiable Diseases )

Work-related Injuries (See Occupational Injuries )     


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Yellow Fever (See Notifiable Diseases )

Yersinosis (See Notifiable Diseases ) 


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