Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Act

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Damages by action at law 201-205
Death: (topics to follow)
  compensation for 307
  computation of Benefits 306(g)
  definition 301(c)
  not related to injury 301(a) / 301(c)
  of spouse receiving death compensation 307(7)
  prior to final adjudication of claim 410
  time limit for reporting 438
  time requirement for filing claim 315
Decisions: (topics to follow)
  correction or amendment of decision Reg. 131.112
  decision of judges Reg. 131.111
  reasoned 422
  service of copy by department 405-406
Deductible options 448
Defenses: (topics to follow)
  assumption of risk not a defense 201(b)
  domestic servants 305 / 321
  illegal use of drugs 301(a)
  intentional wrong of employe 205
  intoxication of injured employe 201(c) / 301(a)
  military activities resulting in injury 301(a)
  misrepresentation of age by minor excluded 301(b)
  negligence of employe and fellow employe excluded 201(a) / 301(a)
  personal act by third person causing injury 301(c)
  reckless indifference by injured employe 201(c)
  self-inflicted injury 301(a)
  violation of law resulting in injury 301(a)
Definitions: (topics to follow)
  actuarially appropriate loss reserves 801
  adjudication 109
  administrator 801
  advisory council 1501
  antifraud plan 1201
  attorney 1101
  average weekly wage 309(e)
  bill 109
  board, state workers’ insurance board 1501
  board, workers’ compensation appeal 107 / 401
  bureau 1501
  burn facility 109
  carrier 305.2(d)(3) / 401
  classification system 703
  commissioner, insurance 109 / 1201
  compensation 446(g) / 801 / 901
  construction design professional 105.3
  contractor 105
  coordinated care organization 109
  Department, Labor & Industry 107 / 801
  Department, Insurance 703 / 1201 / 1301
  downward deviation 1501
  earning power 306(b)(2)
  employe (servant) 104 / 601
  employer (master) 103 / 401 / 801 / 901
  excess insurance 801
  experience rating 703
  fund, self insurance 801
  fund, state workers' insurance 401 / 1501
  guaranty fund 901
  hazardous occupational noise 105.4
  health care provider 109 / 1101
  health maintenance organization 109
  homogenous employer 801
  hospital plan corporation 109
  impairment and impairment rating 306(a.2)(8)
  impairment guides 105.5
  independent actuary 801
  injury 301(c) / 311
  insolvent fund 801
  Insurance Company Law of 1921 109
  insurance claim 1101
  insurance policy 1101
  insurer 109 / 401 / 713(a) / 1101
  intermediary 109
  judge 401
  life-threatening injury 109
  logging or logging related business 1526(b)
  long term exposure 105.6
  market 703
  maximum compensation payable 105.2
  mediation 401
  municipality 601(d)
  occupational disease 108
  pass-through costs 109
  peer review 109
  permit 801
  person 1101
  personal injury 301(c)(1), (2)
  plan committee 801
  political subdivision 801
  professional athlete 308.1(b)
  professional health service corporation 109
  provider 109
  provision for claim payment 703
  rate(s) 703
  rating organization 703
  reasonable means 717(a)
  referee, see Judge 109 / 401
  reserve funds 1501
  resolution hearing 401
  safely distributable 1501
  secretary 109
  security 801 / 901
  self-insurer 901
  singular and plural 102
  state 305.2(d)(2)
  statement 1101
  statewide average weekly wage 105.1
  statistical plan 703
  supplementary rate information 703
  supporting information 703
  surplus 801 / 1501
  taxes 1501
  total compensation 446(g)
  total wages 309(e)
  trauma center 109
  trust 801
  United States 305.2(d)(1)
  urgent injury 109
  usual and customary charge 109
  utilization review organizations 109
  wages 309(a)-(e)
  workmen’s compensation law 305.2(d)(6)
Delay (lateness): (topics to follow)
  duty of department to enforce time and performance standards 401.1
  duty of department to establish rules concerning 435
  in filing answer (as admitting facts) 416
  of hearings 401.1
Delivery of petition, notices of compensation, and agreements for compensation to Department of Labor & Industry 403
Denial of benefits: (topics to follow)
  denial by employer or insurer 406.1
  notice of compensation denial 401.1 / Reg. 121.13
Department of Labor & Industry: (topics to follow)
  administration fund: (topics to follow)
    generally 446
    payments to physicians, surgeons, experts 420(b)
  advisory council 447
  agreements, examination by 409
  assignment of petitions to judge: (topics to follow)
    generally 414
    on remand from workers' compensation appeal board 419
    reassignment to another judge 415 / Reg. 131.22
  authority of, in general 401.1 / 422(e) / 435
  certification of CCO 306(f.2)
  compensation for services of physician or expert, authority to fix 420(b)
  designation of IRE physician Reg. 123.104
  determination of compensation payable when facts are agreed upon 411
  determination of petitions 401.1
  expert, authority to use 420(a)
  filing and docketing of petitions and all other papers 404
  final receipt, setting aside on own motion 434
  forms, prescribed by 402 / 406.1 / 407 / 416
  hearings 401.1
  impartial physician, authority to appoint 420(a)
  investigative authority 420(a) / 437
  lien against compensation, filing of 501
  notice of hearing, authority to issue on own motion upon noncompliance 435
  notice of hearing, service upon parties and judge 414
  order to show cause, ability to issue Reg. 121.27
  petitions, hearing and determination of 401.1
  proceeding before judge, authority to institute 402
  processing of injury cases, responsibility for 401.1
  rules and regulations, authority to promulgate: (topic to follow) 401.1 / 435(a)
    for Uninsured Employers' Guaranty Fund 1608
  rules and regulations governing hearings, authority to establish 422(e)
  service of decisions on parties 405 / 406
  supplemental agreements, examination of 409
Dependency: (topics to follow)
  change in status 408 / 413(a)
  death of dependent, effect on death benefits 307
  exclusive remedy 303(a)
Depositions and discovery: (topics to follow)
  deposition of unavailable parties: (topics to follow) 422(b)
    oral depositions: (topics to follow) Reg. 131.62
      admissibility of Reg. 131.66
      notice of Reg. 131.64
      objections to Reg. 131.65
      payment of expenses when more than 100 miles from hearing location Reg. 131.67
      time for taking Reg. 131.63
  exchange of information: (topic to follow) Reg. 131.61
    time for: (topic to follow) Reg. 131.61(b),(d)
      when records not exchanged Reg. 131.61(e)
  records subject to discovery: (topics to follow) 422(c) / 422(d)
    deposition affidavit of record custodian Reg. 131.69
    discovery of records Reg. 131.68
  statements of parties or witnesses, discovery of Reg. 131.70
  subpoenas Reg. 131.81
  unidentified witness may not be permitted to testify Reg. 131.54 / Reg. 131.61(c)
  workers' compensation judge not bound by rules of evidence 422(a)
Disability: (topics to follow)
  compensation schedule for, generally 306
  decrease or increase in, effect on benefits 408 / 413
  impairment rating evaluation 306(a.2)
  liability of fellow employe 205
  partial disability becoming total 306(b)
  partial disability, compensation payable for 306(a.2)-(g)
  recurrence 408 / 413(a)
  subsequent injury 306.1
  temporary total disability 306(d)
  termination of 408 / 413
  total disability becoming partial 306(a.2)
  total disability, compensation payable for 306(a)
Discount on insurance premiums 707 / 1002
Disfigurement 306(c)(22)
Disbursements, claims or agreements for 501
Domestic service: (topics to follow)
  exception 321
  no defense when employer purchases insurance 305(a)(1)
Dual compensation, Occupational Disease Act 444
Ear, hearing loss 306(c)(8)
Earning power: (topic to follow) 306(a)-(b)
  determination 306(b)(2) / Regs. 123.301-302
Employes: (topics to follow)
  agricultural laborer 302(c)
  auxiliary police 104
  average weekly wage of 309
  casual employment excluded 104
  collective bargaining over workers’ compensation issues 450
  contractors/subcontractors, employes of 302
  corporate officers as 104
  definition, in general 104 / 601
  domestic service: (topic to follow) 321
    not defense for employer when 305(a)(1)
    elected officials excluded 104
  emergency personnel: (topics to follow)
    ambulance corps, volunteers 601(a)(2)
    deputy game protectors 601(a)(5)
    fire department members, volunteers 601(a)(1)
    forest firefighters 601(a)(7)
    hazardous materials response 601(a)(8)
    local coordinator, emergency management 601(a)(9)
    police (auxiliary and school) 104
    rescue and lifesaving squads, volunteers 601(a)(3)
    special waterways patrolmen 601(a)(6)
    state park and forest members, volunteers 601(a)(4)
  employment, duty to report 311.1 / Regs. 123.501-502
  home workers 104
  incarceration 306(a.1)
  independent contractor 105
  injury of, liability of employer for 301(a)
  insurance agent, licensed 321(2)
  intentional wrong, liability for 205
  intoxication of, resulting in injury 201(c) / 301(a)
  laborer or assistant hired by employe 203 / 302(a)-(b)
  liability to fellow employes 205
  military activities, injuries resulting from 301(a)
  minors: (topics to follow)
    employed in violation of the law 320
    guardian can sign religious exception waiver for 304.2(d)
    right to compensation 301(b)
  nonresident aliens, compensation for 310
  opting out of coverage, executive of corporation 104
  out-of-state 305.2
  presence on premises of employer 301(c)
  priority of claim for compensation 318
  professional athletes 308.1
  real estate salesperson or broker, licensed 321(2)
  reckless indifference by 201(c)
  refusal of expert interview or physical examination by 314
  religious exemption 304.2
  reporting injury to employer 311.1
  reporting requirement, receipt of wages, unemployment compensation,
  pension, severance, social security benefits
204(c) / Regs. 123.501-502
  return to work resulting in suspension 413(c)-(d)
  right to select physician for physical examination 314
  subcontractors 105
  violation of law resulting in injury 301(a)
  volunteers: (topic to follow) 601
    at state parks, employed by Department of Environmental Resources
  wage (and employment), duty to report 311.1 / Regs. 123.501-502
  while rendering aid or preventing commission of a crime 601(a)(10)
Employers: (topics to follow)
  acceptance of Act 301(a)
  acceptance of Act binding 303
  business of employer, furtherance of 301(c)
  collective bargaining over workers’ compensation issues 450
  commonwealth and its agencies as employer 103
  definition of 103 / 401
  domiciled in another state 305.2(c)
  duties to: (topics to follow)
    investigate injury 406.1
    keep records of injury 439
    maintain insurance 305(a)(1)
    offer available job Reg. 123.301
    pay compensation within twenty-one days of notice of injury 406.1 / Reg. 121.7
    provide list of health care providers 306(f.1)(1)(i) / Regs. 127.751-753
    provide notice: (topics to follow)
      posting by 305(e)
      to employe of his rights and duties to treat with panel physician 306(f.1)(1)(i) / Reg. 127.754-755
      "Workers' Compensation Information" Reg. 121.3b
    provide payment for medical and hospital treatment, supplies, prostheses
    and continued medical care
306(f.1)(1)(i) / 306(f.1)(1)(ii)
    report injuries: (topics to follow) 438
      to Insurer 438(a)
      to Department of Labor & Industry 438(b) / Reg. 121.5
    report verification of employment by employe 311.1 / Reg. 123.501
 insurance: (topics to follow)
    duty to maintain 305(a)(1)
    exemption 305(a)(1) / 304.2
    department requirements 305(a)(1)-(2)
    penalty for non-compliance 305(b) / 305(d)
    proof of 302(i)
  insurer defined as employer 401
  knowledge of injury by 311 / 313
  liability: (topics to follow)
    exclusive 303
    generally 301
    for employe hired by employer or contractor 203 / 302(b)
    for occupational disease 301(c)(2)
    to third party 303(b)
  lien on property when in default 428
  obligation to offer available job Reg. 123.301
  record keeping 439
  statutory employer 302(a)-(b)
Employment: (topics to follow)
  duty of employe to report 311.1 / Regs. 123.501-502
  effect of nondisclosure 311.1(g) / Reg. 123.502
  out-of-state 305.2
Engineer 105.3
Estates, Payment to 306(g) / 410
Evidence: (topics to follow)
  board’s authority to hear 423 - 426
  competent evidence requirement 422(a)
  depositions 422(b)
  investigation by judge 420(a)
  judge’s authority to hear 413(a)
  medical and hospital records 422
  not bound by rules of evidence 422(a)
  optically scanned documents, use of by bureau Reg. 123.701
  peer review report 420(a) / 306(f.1)
  relating to supersedeas request Reg. 131.42
  subpoenas 418 / 436 / Reg. 131.81
Execution, claim for payment exempt from 318
Execution of judgment for compensation due claimant 428
Executive officer as employe 104
Exemptions: (topics to follow)
  corporate executive, ability to elect out 104
  domestic service 321(1)
  licensed insurance agent 321(2)
  real estate salesperson or broker 321(2)
  religious 304.2
Expert interview, employer request of 314
Expert, use of 420
Extraterritorial injury provisions 101 / 305.2
Eyes and eyesight, payment for artificial eye 306(f.1)(1)(ii)
Failure to appear, rile 416
Failure to comply with insurance provisions 305(b)
Failure to pay compensation without supersedeas 430
Federal government compensation 322
Fee review: (topics to follow) 306(f.1)(5)
  adjudications Reg. 127.260
  appeal rights Reg. 127.261
  application for: (topics to follow)
    administrative decisions on Reg. 127.256
    procedure to contest Reg. 127.257
    documents required Reg. 127.253
    filing and service Reg. 127.252
    returned if prematurely filed Reg. 127.255
  downcoding disputes Reg. 127.254
  hearing, procedure for Reg. 127.259
  standing to pursue Reg. 127.251
Fee schedule, medicare 306(f.1)(3)
  fee caps and schedules: (topics to follow) Reg. 127.101
    ASC's Reg. 127.125
    chiropractors Reg. 127.105
    doctors performing spinal manipulation Reg. 127.106
    durable medical equipment Reg. 127.108
    home health care providers Reg. 127.123
    home infusion therapy Reg. 127.108
    inpatient acute care providers Reg. 127.110-116
    new providers Reg. 127.126
    out-of-state treatment Reg. 127.129
    outpatient acute care providers, specialty hospitals not subject to
    Medicare fee schedules
Reg. 127.117-121
    outpatient providers Reg. 127.103
    physical therapy centers and independent physical therapists Reg. 127.107
    physicians Reg. 127.104
    renal dialysis, outpatient and end-stage Reg. 127.124
    skilled nursing facilities Reg. 127.122
    supplies and services not covered by Reg. 127.109
    trauma center and burn facilities Reg. 127.128
Filing date 406 / Reg. 121.3(c)
Final receipt 434 / Reg. 121.17(a)
Firefighters: (topic to follow) 601
  municipal, arbitration not binding on 450(b)
Forfeiture of compensation: (topics to follow)
  employe’s refusal of reasonable medical treatment or service 306(f.1)(8)
  employe’s refusal to submit to expert interview or physical exam. 314
Form of petitions, generally 402 / Reg. 121.3
Fraud, as basis for appeal 425
Fraud enforcement: (topics to follow)
  antifraud plan 1203
  definitions 1201
  Insurance Department’s role 1202
  insurers’ cooperation with law enforcement 1205
  insurers’ report to department 1204
Frivolous pleadings, judge's discretion to dismiss Reg. 131.40
Fund, supersedeas reimbursement 443
Funeral expenses, burial 307(7)
Gratuities, as used in determining wages 309(e)
Guardian, payment of death benefits to 307
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