Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Act

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Hazardous occupational noise 105.4
Healing period 306(c)-(d)
Health and safety: (topics to follow)
  accident and illness prevention services: (topics to follow)
    audits of: (topics to follow)
      bureau authority to conduct: (topics to follow)
        group self-insurance fund Reg. 129.459
        insurer Reg. 129.109
        self-insured employer Reg. 129.408
      contesting final determinations: (topics to follow)
        group self-insurance fund Reg. 129.464
        insurer Reg. 129.114
        self-insured employer Reg. 129.413
        hearing procedure Regs. 129.1302-1303
      duty to exchange information prior to: (topics to follow)
        group self-insurance fund Reg. 129.460
        insurer Reg. 129.110
        self-insured employer Reg. 129.409
      plan for correcting deficiencies revealed by: (topics to follow)
        group self-insurance fund Reg. 129.463
        insurer Reg. 129.113
        self-insured employer Reg. 129.412
      site of: (topics to follow)
        group self-insurance fund Reg. 129.461
        insurer Reg. 129.111
        self-insured employer Reg. 129.410
      written report of: (topics to follow)
        group self-insurance fund Reg. 129.462
        insurer Reg. 129.112
        self-insured employer Reg. 129.411
    immunity for performance of 1001(g)
    inspections, authority of department to perform 1001(c)
    notice requirements 1001(d)
    recordkeeping requirements for: (topics to follow)
        group self-insurance fund Reg. 129.458
        insurer Reg. 129.108
        self-insured employer Reg. 129.407
    requirements for (components of): (topics to follow)
        group self-insurance fund Reg. 129.452 / Reg. 129.457
        insurer Reg. 129.102
        policyholder obligation to provide information Reg. 129.103
        self-insured employer Reg. 129.402
    requirements to have, in order to obtain/maintain status/license as
        group self-insurance fund Reg. 129.454
        insurer 1001(a) / Reg. 129.101
        information submitted with license application Reg. 129.105
        self-insured employer 1001(b) / Reg. 129.404
    reports 1001(e)
      bureau review of: (topics to follow)
        group self-insurance fund Reg. 129.456
        insurer Reg. 129.107
        self-insured employer Reg. 129.406
      requirements of: (topics to follow)
        group self-insurance fund Reg. 129.455
        insurer Reg. 129.106
        self-insured employer Reg. 129.405
    service provider requirements: (topics to follow)
      credentials: (topics to follow)
        contesting denial Reg. 129.705
        obtaining recognition of Reg. 129.704
      generally Reg. 129.702
      when used or employed by: (topics to follow)
        group self-insurance fund: (topic to follow) Reg. 129.453
          requirement to maintain proof of credentials Reg. 129.703
        insurer: (topic to follow) Reg. 129.104 / Reg. 129.403
          requirement to maintain proof of credentials Reg. 129.703
    violation for failure to provide services: (topic to follow) 1001(f)
      bureau authority when Regs. 129.1601-1602
  definitions Reg. 129.2
  health and safety committee: (topics to follow)
    application: (topics to follow) 1002(a)
      bureau authority to verify information Reg. 129.1009
      certification Reg. 129.1007
      contesting final determinations: (topic to follow) Reg. 129.1011
        hearing procedure Regs. 129.1302-1303
      initial certification Reg. 129.1002
      minimum eligibility requirements Reg. 129.1003
      renewal Reg. 129.1008
    bureau authority when violation of Act regarding Regs. 129.1601-1602
    discount in policy rate(s) 1002(b)
    formation Reg. 129.1004
    recordkeeping requirements Reg. 129.1010
    responsibilities Reg. 129.1005
    training programs Reg. 129.1006
Healthcare providers, definition 109
Hearing impairment 306(c)(8)
Hearings: (topics to follow)
  de novo, board’s authority to grant 425
  delays: (topic to follow) 401.1
    requests for continuance or postponement of Reg. 131.13
  generally 401.1
  insurer’s license, hearings concerning revocation or suspension of 441(a)
  manner and conduct of: (topic to follow) Reg. 131.54
    by telephone or electronic means Reg. 131.54(a)
  notice of to parties 414
  one-day trials Reg. 131.53a
  open to public 421
  procedures: (topics to follow)
    first hearing Reg. 131.52
    subsequent to first hearing Reg. 131.53
  record of 418
  rules and regulations governing: (topics to follow) 422
    GRAPP not applicable Reg. 131.4
    proceedings before judges Reg. 131.2
  time and place of, set by judge 417
Immunities of employer extended to insurer 305(a)(1)
Impairment guides 105.5
Impairment rating evaluation: (topics to follow)
  appeal change to partial disability 306(a.2)(4) / Reg. 123.105(d)(5)
  designation of IRE physician by department Reg. 123.104
  determination of impairment rating Reg. 123.105
  duration of benefits 306(a.2)(7)
  generally 306(a.2) / Reg. 123.101 et seq.
  impairment and impairment rating, definitions 306(a.2)(8)
  notice by employer before modification 306(a.2)(2) / Reg. 123.105
  physicians qualified 306(a.2)(1) / Reg. 123.103
  request for, requirements Reg. 123.102
  time for performance 306(a.2)(1) / Reg. 123.102
Impartial physician, appointed by board or department 420
Incarceration 306(a.1)
Independent contractor 105
Independent medical examination 306(a.2)(6) / 314
Infection or disease resulting from injury 301(c)
Informal conference: (topics to follow)
402-402.1 / Reg. 131.58
  agreement of the parties 402.1 / Reg. 131.58(a)-(b)
  as evidence in a future hearing 402.1(e)
  attorney representation 402.1(b)(iii) / Reg. 123.601
  confidentiality 402.1(b)(ii) / 402.1(f)
  request for: (topic to follow) 402-402.1(a)
    procedure Reg. 131.58(c)-(d), (f)
Injury: (topics to follow)
  course of employment 301(a)-(c)
  change in, increase/decrease 408
  definition 301(c)
  employe’s report to employer 311-13 / 315
  employer’s duty to keep record of 439
  employer liability for injury, in general 301(a)
  employer’s report of to insurer and department 438 / Reg. 121.5
  investigation of by employer, insurer 406.1
  multiple injuries 306(d)
  occupational disease included 301(c)(2)
  occurring outside the commonwealth 305.2
  occurring as result of intoxication 301(a)
  occurring as result of military activities 301(a)
  recurrence of 408
  resulting from personal act by third person 301(c)
  scope of employment 202
  self-inflicted injuries 301(a)
  statute of limitations 315
  subsequent injury 306.1
  termination of 408
  third party liability 303(b)
  time for notice of to employer 311
  time limit for reporting injury by employer 438
  violation of law resulting in injury 301(a)
Insane person, death compensation paid to guardian 307(7)
Inseparability of Article II and Article III 502
Insurance: (topics to follow)
  agent, when not covered by Act 321(2)
  allocation of premiums between municipalities for volunteer
  emergency services
  authority of secretary to recommend revocation of insurance
  company’s license
  cancellation, expiration of policy 302(g)
  duty to retain insurance 305
  deductible options to policy 448
  Department of Insurance 710 / 1202
  discount in rates 1002
  domestic service employes, insurance for 305 / 321
  exception to insurance coverage 304.2
  failure to insure 305(b), (d)
  fraud 1101-1112
  investigation of insurance fraud by authority of attorney general
  to conduct
  notice of insurance posted 305(e)
  penalties for failure to comply with insurance provisions 305 / 720
  policy forms 707
  proof of insurance: (topics to follow)
    building permit, required for 302(e)
    defined 302(i)
    duty to notify if insurance expires/cancelled 302(g)
    not required, exempt employers 302(j)
    public body or political subdivision 302(f)
    subcontractors’ 302(d)
  rate filings open to public 706
  rate information, filing with department 705(a)
  rates, generally 704 / 705 / 708 / 710 / 716
  rates, intent of general assembly 701
  rates, role of commissioner 708-711 / 714 / 715 / 717(d) / 718 / 720 / 722
  rating organizations 707 / 709 / 712 / 717 / 718
  rating organizations, restrictions 713
  self insurance: (topics to follow) 305
    authority of the secretary to revoke/suspend employer’s privilege
    to self-insure
    general provisions: (topics to follow)
      application for: (topics to follow) 305(a)(1)-(3)
        by affiliates and subsidiaries Reg. 125.4
        decision on Reg. 125.6
        minimum requirements of applicants Reg. 125.5
        procedure and requirements for filing Reg. 125.3
        requirement to insure liability prior to pending approval of Reg. 125.3(f)
      authority to revoke/suspend employer's privilege to self-insure:
      (topic to follow)
        additional power of the bureau Reg. 125.19
      changes in legal status, ownership or financial condition,
      procedures when
Reg. 125.14
      claims service companies Reg. 125.17
      definitions Reg. 125.2
      liability for workers' compensation Reg. 125.15
      notification to bureau, contact person for self-insurance matters Reg. 125.18
      payment of claims Reg. 125.12
      permit: (topics to follow) 305(a)(1), (3)
        duration 305(a)(3) / Reg. 125.7(a)
        if denied, duty to secure insurance Reg. 125.8
        renewal: (topic to follow) 305(a)(3)
          automatic extension when bureau fails to issue decision on Reg. 125.7(b)
      public employers, duty to establish trust fund Reg. 125.10
      runoff self-insurer, reporting by Reg. 125.16
      security requirements 305(a)(2) / Reg. 125.9
      specific excess insurance Reg. 125.11
    guaranty fund: (topics to follow)
      assessments: (topics to follow) 907
        existing self-insurers Reg. 125.210
        new individual self-insurers Reg. 125.207
        new group self-insurance funds Reg. 125.208
        new members of group self-insurance fund Reg. 125.209
        objections to Reg. 125.211
      calculation of outstanding liability of Reg. 125.212
      default by self-insurer: (topics to follow)
        department actions upon 904 / Regs. 125.203-204
        payments from guaranty fund when 903
      definitions 901 / Reg. 125.202
      department authority to promulgate rules and regulations 908 / Reg. 125.201
      establishment and maintenance of 902
      payment to claimant from, time and manner of payment Reg. 125.206
      prefund account 909
      rights of, when payment is ordered 905
      security paid by self-insurer 906 / Reg. 125.205
    pooling (or group self-insurance): (topics to follow)
      authority to 802(a)
      computation of time Reg. 125.156
      definitions 801 / Reg. 125.132
      department's role: (topics to follow)
        additional powers Reg. 125.153
        approval/disapproval of applications to form fund 803(a)
        promulgate rules and regulations 818 / Reg. 125.131
        right to examine affairs, transactions, accounts, records and
        assets of fund
      fund: (topics to follow)
        application to Act as, procedure and requirements Reg. 125.133
        approval or disapproval of, by department 803(a) / Reg. 125.134
        assessments: (topics to follow)
          annual: (topics to follow)
            assessed by department 816
            paid by members 806
          basis for determining amount of 811 / 812 / Reg. 125.135
          special funds assessments Reg. 125.147
          upon liquidation or default of the fund 810(f)
          when assets are insufficient 810
        assets of: (topic to follow)
          restriction on use Reg. 125.143
        board of trustees 819 / Reg. 125.152
        claims service copanies, handling/adjusting claims of Reg. 125.151
        dividends, payment of, to members 809 / Reg. 125.146
        duty to purchase excess insurance 814(a) / Reg. 125.149
        fee 802(c) / Reg. 125.133(c)(1)
        group subscribers 817
        members: (topics to follow)
          duty to notify fund if change in legal status, ownership,
          financial condition or name and address
Reg. 125.138
          prospective members application 807 / Reg. 125.136
          terminating participation in fund 808 / Reg. 125.137
        merger with another fund Reg. 125.145
        reports: (topics to follow)
          annual: (topics to follow)
            duty to file 815(a) / Reg. 125.141
            fee 815(c) / Reg. 125.141(b)(1)
            information required 815(b) / Reg. 125.141(b)(2)-(c)
            interim reports Reg. 125.141(d)
        requirements of: (topics to follow) 802
          duty to notify department if change affecting compliance with 815(e) / Regs. 125.138-140
          surplus moneys, authority to invest 813
      hearings Reg. 125.154
      homogeneous employers, standard Reg. 125.155
      permits: (topics to follow)
        define annual reporting periods 803(b)
        duration of 804
        duty to meet revised conditions for Reg. 125.142
        issued by bureau when: (topic to follow) Reg. 125.134(d)
          security Reg. 125.148
      revocation of: (topic to follow) 805
        duty of members to obtain coverage following 805(b) / Reg. 125.144
      runoff fund Reg. 125.150
      standard for rates 704
    state workers’ insurance fund 401 / 1501
    violations: (topics to follow)
      failure to insure as required 305(b)
      withholding information or providing false information 719
Insurer: (topics to follow)
  accident and illness prevention services, duty to provide 1001(a)
  annual reports 445 / Reg. 121.35
  assumption of employer’s liability 305 / 401
  controversion of claim by 406.1
  default in compensation payments, judgment entered against 428
  definition of 109
  denial of claim by 406.1 / 401
  downcoding by: (topic to follow) Reg. 127.207
    disputes regarding changes involving Reg. 127.254
  duty to: (topics to follow)
    disclose financial interest with vocational expert: (topics to follow) Reg. 123.205
      financial interest, defined Reg. 123.201b
      insurer, defined Reg. 123.201b
    investigate injury 406.1(a)
    notify employe of employe reporting requirements Reg. 123.501
    pay within twenty-one days after notice of injury 406.1
    provide affidavit when suspending/modifying compensation based on
    return to work
    provide copies of agreements/supplemental agreements to employe
    and department
    penalties: (topics to follow)
      failure to pay promptly 441(a)
      improper suspension, termination or decrease in compensation 413(b)
    prerequisites for providing insurance 1001
  revocation of license 720
  self-insurer: (topics to follow)
    annual reports: (topic to follow) 445
      by runoff self-insurer Reg. 125.16
    default of 904
    duties: (topics to follow)
      notify bureau if change in business structure or financial condition Reg. 125.14(b)-(c)
      pay assessments Reg. 125.13
      provide/maintain accident and illness prevention services 1001(b)
      provide security Reg. 125.9
      provide bureau with contact person information Reg. 125.18
      failure to pay compensation promptly 441(b) / Reg. 125.12
      liability for workers' compensation, duration and ability to transfer Reg. 125.15
      violation by, powers of bureau when Reg. 125.19
    verification forms, requirements and procedures Regs. 123.501-502
Interest on unpaid compensation 406.1
Interest on untimely payments of medical bills Reg. 127.210
Intoxication 201(c) / 301(a)
Invasive surgery, second opinion 306(f.1)
Investigation by department, board or judge 437
Ionizing radiation 311 / 315
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