Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Act

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Rates, (Insurance) 704 / 705 / 708 / 710 / 716
Rating organizations 707 / 709 / 712 / 717 / 718
Real estate broker or salesperson 321(2)
Reasoned decision, requirements 422(a)
Reassignment: (topic to follow) 415
  on agreement of parties Reg. 131.22
Receipt for compensation paid 407
Receipt of benefits from associations, societies, funds 204(a)
Record of hearing by judge 418
Records, employer’s duty to keep all injuries 439
Recovery for: (topics to follow)
  attorney fees 440
  lost time 440
  medical examination 440
  witness fees 440
Recovery from disability, resulting in suspension 413(c)-(d)
Recurrence of injury or disability 408
Recusal of judge Reg. 131.24
Referee, see Judges
Regulations, see Rules and Regulations
Rehearing of petition, board’s authority to grant 426
Reimbursement from supersedeas fund 443
  applications for Reg. 121.23(e)
Reinstatement: (topics to follow)
  notice of compensation, agreement, supplemental agreement, or award 413(a)
  supplemental agreement for 407-408
Release, see Agreement 204(a)
Religious exemption 304.2
Remand of cases to judge by board 419
Remarriage of spouse, eligibility for death benefits 307(7)
Reporting requirement: (topics to follow)
  duty of employe to report injury to employer 311.1
  duty of employer to report injuries: (topics to follow) 438
    to insurer 438(a)
    to Department of Labor & Industry: (topics to follow) 438(b) / Reg. 121.5
  duty of medical provider to submit reports to employer 306(f.1)(2) / Reg. 127.203
  “old age”, social security benefits, receipt of 204(c)
  pension or severance, receipt of 204(c)
  reporting and verification requirement procedure Regs. 123.501-502
  unemployment compensation, receipt of 204(c)
  wages 204(c) / 311.1
Request by employer for expert interview or physical examination of employe 314
Request for supersedeas 413 / Regs. 131.41-43
Rescue workers 601
Resolution hearing 401 / 401.1
Resolution of claims by agreement: (topics to follow)
  compromise and release 449
  informal conference 402-402.1
Return to work, resulting in supersedeas: (topic to follow) 413
  procedure to modify or suspend benefits when: (topic to follow) Reg. 131.50
    special supersedeas hearing Reg. 131.50a
Review of notice of compensation, agreement and supplemental agreement, authority of judge to 413
Revocation: (topics to follow)
  of adjusting company’s privilege to do business 441(c)
  of insurer’s license by insurance commissioner 441(a)
  of self-insurance permits 305
  of self-insurer’s privilege 441(b)
Right to compensation: (topics to follow)
  preference/priorities against assets of employer 318
  prohibition against assignment 318
Rules and regulations: (topics to follow)
  governing hearings 422
  governing proceedings before workers' compensation judges Regs. 131.1 et seq
  penalties for non-compliance 435
  promulgation of 401.1 / 435(a) / 435(c)
Safety committee 1002
Satisfaction of judgment 429
Schedule of compensation, see Compensation 306(a)-(g)
Scope of employment 202
Seasonal occupation, determination of wages 309(e)
Second injury fund, see Subsequent Injury
Secretary of Labor and Industry’s authority to: (topics to follow)
  certify CCO 306(f.2)
  revoke or suspend privilege of adjusting company 441(c)
  revoke or suspend privilege of self-insurer 441(b)
  subpoena 436
Self-employment, duty to report wages 204(c) / Regs. 123.501-502
Self-inflicted injury, no liability 301
Self-insurance, see Insurance
Self-insurer, see Insurer
Service: (topics to follow)
  answers to all parties 417 / Reg. 131.33
  copy by department of action taken 405-406
  date of, when mailed 406 / Regs. 131.11(a)-(b)
  notice of time and place of hearing 417
  process on employer domiciled in another state 305.2(c)
  proof of service must include Reg. 131.11(d)
  to bureau's principal office Reg. 131.11(e)
  to party's attorney Reg. 131.11(c)
Setting aside of agreement or notice of compensation 407 / 413
Setting aside final receipt 434
Settlement of claims: (topics to follow)
  compromise and release 449
  informal conference 402-402.1
Severance benefits, receipt: (topics to follow) 204(a), 204(c)
  application of offset for Reg. 123.11
  report receipt of benefits Reg. 123.3 / Reg. 123.501
Silicosis: (topics to follow)
  compensation for 301(c)(2) / Reg. 121.21
  occupational disease, identified as 108(q)
  required period of employment 301(d)
Sister or brother, payment to 307 / 410
Small business advocate: (topics to follow)
  assessments Reg. 121.32
  definition 1301
  role under the act 1302 / 1303
Social security benefits, receipt: (topics to follow) 204(a), (c)
  application of offset for Reg. 123.7
  report receipt of benefits Reg. 123.3 / Reg. 123.501
Statewide average weekly wage: (topics to follow)
  compensation payable 306(a) / 306(c)
  definition 105.1-105.2
  maximum compensation payable to survivors 307
State workers’ insurance board: (topics to follow) 1502
  advisory council 1503
  duties 1506-15
State workers’ insurance fund: (topics to follow) 401 / 1501
  definitions 1501
  employers, subscribers to fund 1516-21
  purpose 1504
Status of dependents, change in 408 / 413(a)
Statute of limitations: (topics to follow)
  aliens, compensation payable to 310
  appeals from judge’s decision 423
  benefits received for non-occupational illness or disease not tolling
  statute of limitations
315 / 413(a)
  extension of by board for filing 423
  eye injuries 413(a)
  filing answer 416
  filing claim for death benefits 315
  filing claim for injury 315 / 305.2(b)
  filing of claim for subsequent injury 306.1 / 315
  filing for agreement 315
  final receipt, setting aside of 434
  hearing any petition 417
  notice required of employe injury 311
  rehearing of petition 426
  supersedeas assessment 443(b)
  time and place of hearing, fixing of 417
Statutory employer 302(a)-(b)
Stepchildren eligibility for death compensation 307(7) / 410
Stipulations of fact Reg. 131.91
Student dependent 307(7)
Subcontractor: (topics to follow)
  included as employe 105
  liability for employes of subcontractor 302(a)
Subpoena: (topics to follow)
  judge’s authority to 413(a) / 418 / 436
  procedureal requirements Reg. 131.81
  secretary’s and board’s authority to 436
  witness’ failure to comply with 436 / Reg. 131.81(d)
Subrogation 319 / Reg. 121.18
Subsequent injury: (topics to follow)
  compensation for 306.1 / Reg. 121.22
  fund 306.2 / Reg. 121.22
Supersedeas: (topics to follow) 413
  appeal not operable as 430
  application for reimbursement 443(a)
  automatic request for: (topic to follow) 413(a.1)
    disposition of, by judge Reg. 131.49
  decision on is interlocutory Reg. 131.41
  during appeal: (topics to follow) 430
    answers to Reg. 111.23
    content and form of Reg. 111.21
    disposition of Reg. 111.24
    filing of Reg. 111.22
  evidence relating to request for Reg. 131.42
  fund 443(b)-(c) / Reg. 121.23
    reimbursement from 443 / Reg. 121.23(e)
  if not granted by written order, deemed denied Reg. 131.43
  judge's authority to rule upon request for Reg. 131.41
  penalty for failure to pay without 430
Supplemental agreements: (topics to follow) 407-409
  in fatal cases Reg. 121.11
Surgical, medical and hospital services, payment 306(f.1)
Suspension: (topics to follow)
  employer's obligation to offer job before filing for Reg. 123.301
  filing of petition as supersedeas request 413(a.1)-(a.2) / Reg. 131.49
  insurer's ability to suspend due to earnings on return to work 413(c) / Reg. 121.17(c) / Regs. 131.50-50a
  notice of compensation, agreement, supplemental agreement,
  authority to judge
  service of copy by department 405-406
  supplemental agreement for 407-408
Temporary compensation payable: (topics to follow) 406.1(d)
  notice of Reg. 121.7a
  stopping Reg. 121.17(d)-(e)
Temporary total disability 306(d)
Termination of injury or disability 408 / 413
Termination of notice of compensation, agreement, supplemental agreement or award 413
Termination, supplemental agreement for 407-408 / 413
Territoriality 305.2
Third party action 303(b)
Third party claims, subrogation thereof 319
Time, computation of: (topics to follow)
  bureau regulations Reg. 121.3a
  for determining timeliness of payment of medical bills Reg. 127.208(b)
  medical cost containment regulations Reg. 127.2
  self-insurance regulations: (topic to follow) Reg. 125.20
    group self-insurance Reg. 125.156
  workers' compensation judges' rules Reg. 131.15
Time requirements: (topics to follow)
  authority of judge to modify Reg. 131.12(a)
  rules governing requests for extensions of Reg. 131.12(b)
Timeliness of payments 401.1 / 406.1
Tips, as used in determining wages 309(e)
Total disability 306(a) / 306(a.2)
Total wages, as defined and determined for purposes of Article III 309(e)
Traveling expenses incurred due to medical exam 314
Twenty-one day rule, commencement of compensation: (topics to follow) 406.1(a)
  see generally, (topics to follow)
    agreement for compensation Reg. 121.8
    denial of compensation Reg. 121.13
  Notice of Compensation Payable (topic to follow) Reg. 121.7
    Notice of temporary Compensation Payable Reg. 121.7a
Unavailable party, testimony and deposition of 422
Unemployment compensation: (topics to follow) 204(a)-(c)
  application of offset for Reg. 123.6
  report receipt of benefits Reg. 123.3 / Reg. 123.501
Uninsured Employers' Guaranty Fund
  applicability limited to injuries after effective date 1603
  assessments 1607
  authority to: (topics to follow)
    act as creditor at bankruptcy hearings 1605(c)
    demand proof of insurance 1605(a)
    institute liens against uninsured employer 1605(d)
    not bound by employer's failure to answer claim 1604
    seek reimbursement 1605(b)
    subrogation rights 1606
  claims, (topics to follow)
    notice to fund, requirement of 1603
    petitions: (topics to follow)
      can be filed against both employer and fund 1604
      time for filing 1603
  definitions 1601
  establishment of 1602
  presumption of uninsurance 1605
Unpaid compensation, interest on 406.1
Usual and customary charges, definition 109 / Regs. 127.102-103 / Reg. 127.109
Utilization review: (topics to follow) 306(f.1)
  in medical-only cases Reg. 127.405
  medical records for review: (topics to follow)
    failure of the provider under review to supply Reg. 127.464
    obtaining Regs. 127.458-463
    reimbursement of costs Reg. 127.463
    time for requesting Reg. 127.457
  petition for review of UR determination, procedure: (topics to follow)
    de novo hearing Reg. 127.556
    filing for Reg. 127.551
    no answer allowed Reg. 127.554
    notice and service of assignment Reg. 127.553
    time limits for filing Reg. 127.552
    transmission of URO records to judge Reg. 127.555
  prospective, concurrent or retrospective review Reg. 127.404
  purpose Reg. 127.401
  request for: (topics to follow)
    assignment by the bureau to URO Reg. 127.403 / Reg. 127.453 / Reg. 127.466
    filing and service Reg. 127.452
    payment for Reg. 127.477
    reassignment to another URO Regs. 127.454-455
    withdrawal of request Reg. 127.457
  reviewers, duties of Regs. 127.467-474
  scope of review of UROs Reg. 127.406
  time limits for URO determination Reg. 127.465
  treatment subject to review Reg. 127.402
  who may request Reg. 127.401(c)
  who may file petition for review of utilization review determination Reg. 127.401(d)
Utilization review organizations: (topics to follow)
  authorization, procedure and requirements Regs. 127.651-670
  definition 109
  duties of: (topics to follow)
    form and service of determination Reg. 127.476
    review of report Reg. 127.475
  record retention requirements Reg. 127.478
Verification of employment and wages form, return of: topic to follow) 311.1
  possible offense if fail to make this report 1102(10) / Reg. 123.502
Violation of law resulting in injury 301(a)
Violations, see Penalty
Vocational experts: (topics to follow) 306(b)(2) / Reg. 123.201-205
  duty to disclose role to employee Reg. 123.204
  qualifications: (topic to follow) Reg. 123.202
    judge's role concerning Reg. 123.203
  reports Reg. 123.204
Volunteers, as employes 601
Wages: (topics to follow)
  bonuses, effect upon 309(e)
  calculation of: (topic to follow) 309(a)-(e)
    occupational diseases Reg. 121.14
  combined with compensation 306(a)(2) / 306(b)-(c)
  computation of payment, concurrent contracts 309(e)
  defined and determined for purposes of Article III 309(a)-(e)
  duty to report: (topic to follow) 204(c) / 311.1 / Reg. 123.501
    verification form requirements Reg. 123.502
  effect of board, lodging, gratuities on 309(e)
  fringe benefits 309(e)
  periodic compensation payments based on wage period 308
  suspension as affected by wages 413
Waiting period 306(a) / 306(d)-(e) / 407 / Reg. 121.15
Widow and widower, payments to 306(g) / 307 / 410
Witnesses: (topics to follow)
  affidavit of, admissible as evidence 422
  failure to comply with summons or subpoena, punishment for 436
  fees for witnesses, recovery 440
  judge’s authority to call 413(a)
  subpoenas to compel attendance, procedural requirements Reg. 131.81
  unidentified witness may not be permitted to testify Reg. 131.54 / Reg. 131.61(c)
Work: (topics to follow)
  return to resulting in modification 413(d)
  return to resulting in suspension 413(c)
Writings, judge’s authority to order production 418
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