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Welcome to Health e-stats. Vol. 1-2015 Jan 9, 2015

Health e-stats is an email-based bulletin produced by the Bureau of Health Statistics and Research in order to keep data users informed about updates to the Health Statistics Web pages.

Web Updates

Death Standard Output Tables, 2012 – This large volume includes the latest available and historical state, county and municipality data by age, race/ethnicity and various death-related topics.

EpiQMS – Our interactive health statistics web tool, Epidemiologic Query and Mapping System, has been updated with 2012 and 2010-2012 statistics on live births; 2013 and 2011-2013 statewide Behavioral Risk Factor (BRFSS) statistics; and 2011-2013 regional BRFSS statistics.

Federal Fiscal Year 2015 Annual Synar Report (Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs) – This document addresses youth access to tobacco product activities conducted during FFY 2014, including retailer violation rates measured during that period, in compliance with requirements of the Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Block Grant. Also indicated in this report are planned activities to reduce access to tobacco by youth during FFY 2015.

First Name Frequency Tables for Pennsylvania Live Births, 2012 – The tables provide lists of first name occurrences for 2012 Pennsylvania live births, for both males and females in order of frequency.

First Name Lookup Tool – This interactive tool has been updated and now includes ranks for birth names from 1959-2012. Also displayed are the birth name’s highest and lowest rank and the total and average count.

Marriage and Divorce Statistics – The 2013 marriage and divorce occurrence data for the state and counties have been released.

Minority Health Disparity Reports – These reports include a summary of significantly higher rates for various health topics among Pennsylvania's minority races and ethnicities. One topic area has been updated: 2013 Adult Behavioral Health Risk Factors.

Preliminary 2013 Death Statistics – These reports contain preliminary Pennsylvania resident deaths by month for the state; all 67 counties; and all cities, boroughs and townships within each county. It also includes the preliminary Pennsylvania occurrence deaths by month. Click on the Preliminary Statistics tab on the Death Statistics page.

Vital Statistics for Pennsylvania, 1906–2012 – This pamphlet provides vital statistics as far back as 1906, the first year statewide figures were collected. These data include: population, births, infant deaths, induced abortions and deaths.


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