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Clean Indoor Air Act Exception Renewals

The Department of Health (Department) renews annual Clean Indoor Air Act (CIAA) exceptions each month according to the location of the establishments.  The Department uses the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB)'s districts (click here for map) to determine the renewal month for each annual exception.  CIAA exceptions are due for renewal during the same month as an establishment's liquor license.  For those establishments without liquor licenses (Tobacco Shops), renewals are still due accoriding to this schedule.  Please see the chart below for the 2013-2014 CIAA Renewal Schedule.  

 CIAA Renewal Month  Date Letters and Sales Forms will be Mailed to Establishment  Date Completed Sales Forms Due to the Department of Health

 December 2013

 N/A - no renewals due in December


 January 2014

 December 1

 December 31

 February 2014

 January 1

 January 31

 March 2014

 February 1

 February 28

 April 2014

 March 1

 March 30

 May 2014

 April 1

 April 30

 June 2014

 May 1

 May 31

 July 2014

 June 1

 June 30

 August 2014

 July 1

 July 31

 September 2014

 August 1

 August 31

 October 2014

 N/A - no renewals due in October


 November 2014

 October 1

 October 31

 December 2014

 N/A - no renewals due in December


Establishments that hold exception certificates to expire in 2015 will NOT receive a new certificate and/or renewal letter from the Department if they submit their sales form by the due date.  An establishment may contact the Department to confirm receipt of their sales form and their exception is still valid or viist the CIAA website at www.health.state.pa.us\ciaa (click on "List of Businesses with a CIAA Exception") to confirm they are still listed as having a valid CIAA exception. 

Establishments will only receive correspondence from the Department if their exception is revoked.  CIAA exceptions are revoked if:

          - An establishment fails to submit their sales form to the Department by the due date,

          - Sales figures reported exceed the required percentage for the exception type, or

          - The liquor license is not active according to the PLCB website (for Drinking Establishment and Cigar Bar exceptions only).

For Drinking Establishment exception holders, thie renewal process includes an internal review including one or more of the following steps:

1) Verifying active liquor license status with the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB), and

2) Verifying with the Department of Revenue (DOR) that the percentage of food sales for your entire establishment (for Drinking Establishment Type II holders), the smoking area is at or below 20%.

For Tobacco Shop exception holders, the internal review includes verifying with the DOR that the percentage of tobacco and tobacco-related products is at or above 50% of the gross annual sales.

For Cigar Bar Exception holders, this internal review includes one or more of the following steps:

1) Verifying active liquor license status with the PLCB, and

2) Verifying with the DOR that the percentage of tobacco and tobacco-related products are at least 15% of the combined gross annual sales of the establishment (for Cigar Bar Type II holders).

Exception holders do not need to annually reapply for an exception.

The Department requires Sales and Use Tax to be submitted each year in order to process a renewal.  Business owners may submit this information to the Department in one of two ways:

1) Electronically with the DOR through their Electronic Tax Information and Data Exchange System (e-TIDES). The "Complete the Clean Indoor Air Exception Schedule" box must be checked and the sales information must be supplied.  For more information on how to file Sales and Use Tax information for the Clean Indoor Air Act on e-TIDES: e-TIDES Overview and Instructions, or 

2) Complete the blank sales form sent to you from the Department approximately one month before your exception expires.  Mail, fax or e-mail the completed form to the Department before the due date listed in the letter that accompanies the blank form.  If you need another copy of the blank sales form, select the type of exception you have below:

   Renewal Letter

   Drinking Establishment Type I    

   Drinking Establishment Type II

   Cigar Bar 

   Tobacco Shop

If you miss the deadline to submit your Sales and Use Tax information to the Department,  your renewal will be denied.  You will then have 15 calendar days to request reconsideration of that decision and submit your sales form to the Department.  To request reconsideration, submit a request in writing to the Department by mail, fax or e-mail.  The request must be addressed to the Division of Tobacco Prevention and Control, and include the following information: 

1) Exception control number located at the top of your renewal denial letter;

2) Name of your establishment;

3) Address of your establishment;

4) Contact name and phone number; and

5) Completed sales form 

If you have any questions, please contact the Division of Tobacco Prevention and Control at:

625 Forster Street, Room 1032 Health & Welfare Building, Harrisburg, PA 17120

Phone:  (717)783-6600

Fax:  (717) 214-6690

E-mail:  RA-CIAA@pa.gov