Understanding the Employer Tax Release of the Unemployment Compensation Management System (UCMS)

Welcome to the Unemployment Compensation Management System (UCMS) for the Commonwealth of PA, Department of Labor & Industry. This presentation is designed to help employers and Third Party Administrators understand the new system including registering and navigating through the menu.

Table of Contents

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What is the Unemployment Compensation Management System (UCMS)?
NOT Included in the Employer Tax Release
Overview of the Employer Tax Release of UCMS
Registering and Logging in to Your UCMS Employer Account
Managing Demographic Account Information — Employer Profile
Creating a Third Party Administrator (TPA) or Professional Employer Organization (PEO) Account
View Quarterly UC Reports
Filing Quarterly UC Reports
File Quarterly UC Reports Online
File Quarterly UC Reports by Upload
Amend Quarterly UC Reports
File Quarterly UC Reports by FTP
Submitting Payments Online
Filing Rate Appeals Online
Reimbursable Financing Method
Obtaining FUTA Certification
User Administration
Contact Us

What is the Unemployment Compensation Management System (UCMS)?

  • An integrated unemployment compensation system for employers, claimants, Third Party Administrators and UC staff
  • Replaces 40-year-old legacy computer systems and will improve the quality of services provided to UC customers
  • The Employer Tax Release offers employers, third party administrators (TPAs) and professional employer organizations (PEOs):
    • Real-time, 24-hour access to employer account data in a secure environment
    • Enhanced online access to documents, such as rate notices and general correspondences, as well as self-help information
    • Ability to submit quarterly reports online at any time
    • System calculates taxable wages
    • Ability to pre-file (TPAs)
    • Information is available 24/7

What is NOT Included in the Employer Tax Release?

  • Employer Tax Release does NOT include functions related to claims processing, such as:
    • Relief from charges for employers
    • Separation notices
    • Online POA availability for UC Benefits
    • Filing an appeal for anything relating to UC Benefits

Overview of the Employer Tax Release

Important Features of the System

-- Online self-service for employers and TPAs (third party administrators)
-- Ability for TPAs to pre-file to ensure data integrity
-- Submit quarterly reports and payments online for any quarter, any time
-- Immediate calculation of contribution for online filers
-- Online payment by ACH credit, ACH debit and credit card
-- Print voucher for payment by check
-- Online self-service for employers and TPAs (third party administrators)
-- Online rate and voluntary contribution estimation tools for employers
-- Apply credits to outstanding receivables such as contributions, fees, interest and penalties
-- Submit tax rate appeal online
-- Online employer tool to calculate debit reserve adjustment
-- Direct deposit of refunds
-- Self-service view into financial information; view payment and refund histories
-- PEOs (professional employer organizations) can file quarterly client reports online any time after completion of a quarter
-- Link between client account and TPA/PEO account when both parties authorize the client/TPA/PEO relationship

Important Changes to Know About

-- Paper Power of Attorney forms for tax-related issues replaced by an online interface for joint authorization by employers, TPAs and PEOs. Continue to use paper (UC-884) to create or change Power of Attorney for the notices of compensation charged, financial determination and relief from charge.

-- The Employer Tax Release of UCMS replaces e-TIDES for UC tax and wage filing and payments.

--Magnetic Media (magnetic tape cartridge, 3 1/2inch diskette, CD-R or DVD) is no longer accepted since the Employer Tax Release of UCMS is available. Options to electronically file employee wage and tax information:
-- Online entry
-- File upload
-- File transfer protocol (FTP). Format must comply with the new formats
-- Electronic filing of quarterly reports will be mandated for the first quarter of 2014. There will be a penalty of 10% with a minimum of $25.00 and a maximum of $250.00 for non-compliance. There will be a one time waiver. However, unless you are granted a waiver for electronic filing, the penalty provisions will be applied to the second quarter of 2014. View details on filing quarterly reports electronically here.

Registering and Logging In To Your UCMS Employer Account

Create an Employer Administrative User Account

You need the following information to create your administrative account in UCMS and log in for the first time:
-- Your Unemployment Compensation (UC) tax account information
-- Your Federal Employer Identification number (FEIN)
-- Knowledge of your filing history for security purposes

UCMS Login Page

To get to the UCMS login page:
  1. Enter www.uc.pa.gov into your Web browser, select Employers from the left hand menu and simply click on the UCMS logo Logo or
  2. Enter www.paucemployers.state.pa.us into your Web browser. This will take you directly to the Login page.
UCMS log in screen
[Speaker's Notes:]
From the login page, click on Register. It's important to understand your UCMS account administrator's responsibilities and rights - only the account administrator will be able to grant other people access to the employer's UCMS portal.
After establishing your account, or if you already have a Keystone User ID and password, enter your user ID and password on this page and click on Login.

Register for a UCMS User ID and Password

Create Administrative User Account page
[Speaker's Notes:]
On the Create Administrative User Account page, you need to complete all required fields for the employer, which are denoted by an asterisk. If you have missed filling in required information, you will receive an error message telling you to go back and complete that section. Click on Next.
Terms and Conditions page
[Speaker's Notes:]
The Terms and Conditions must be agreed to in order to continue. These terms and conditions may be changed at any time, subject to applicable law. By agreeing to the terms, conditions and certifications you will be deemed the administrator of the organization's UC account. Please note that your User ID and password will be your electronic signature and will identify any electronic records or transactions that you create, generate or send as yours.
Enter Administrative User Information page
[Speaker's Notes:]
Enter the first and last name of the administrative user. Remember, the first person to register in UCMS is the administrator and will have the ability to issue additional user accounts to others within their organization. Select Next.
Enter password information page
[Speaker's Notes:]
A password must be created using the criteria shown on the right hand side. Record the password because it will be needed to login. You must select 3 of the 17 Password Hint Questions and enter your answers. Select Next.
Summary page
[Speaker's Notes:]
We highly recommend that you print and retain this summary page of your information, because you will not be able to return to this screen and these answers will be needed to change your password. Select Next to continue.
User I D confirmation screen
[Speaker's Notes:]
A copy of your User ID should also be retained for future reference. (The User ID and the Keystone ID refer to the same thing.) Click on the Login button to access your portal.
Shared secret questions page
[Speaker's Notes:]
Employers with an existing PA account will be asked to answer at least two of the shared secret questions to authenticate their User ID. This is one time only. (Do not confuse these with the Password Hint Questions.) After 5 incorrect attempts you will need to contact the UC Employer Contact Center at 1-866-403-6163 or if within the Harrisburg area, 717-787-7679, from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Verify Employer Information

Use your newly created user ID and password to log into the system to:
  • Access your account information
  • Choose your correspondence preference (Email or Mail)
  • Add, update or verify all employer demographic information, such as contact, ownership and address information.
Also, navigate the system to familiarize yourself with the new functionality and contact us if anything does not work or could be improved. For additional information on managing your account, see "Managing Your Account Information" below.

Managing Demographic Account Information — Employer Profile

UCMS home page
[Speaker's Notes:]
Once logged in, you will be at the UCMS Home Page. Use the Navigation Menu options on the left and tabs within the pages to access your account information. Select Employer Profile.

Profile Maintenance — Address, Phone, etc.

Profile Maintenance page
[Speaker's Notes:]
If your business was registered in Pennsylvania and reporting unemployment taxes prior to UCMS, your history and company information will be pre-populated in UCMS.

The left-hand menu options under Employer Profile include:
  • Profile Maintenance
  • Organization
  • Establishments
  • Manage Representatives
Use the tabs within your Profile Maintenance page to view and modify general demographic and contact information.
  • Summary - This page offers a quick glance at your contact information. You can select Edit Profile to make changes or click on a particular tab to update information.
  • Name - Changes can only be made to the Trade Name. If the Legal Name is incorrect, you need to contact us. If the business structure has changed, you to complete a new PA-100, Enterprise Registration Form
  • Addresses - You can have a Street, Mailing, SOA and a Records address
  • Telephone - You can have up to three numbers listed - Business, Fax and Mobile
  • Email - Provide an email for electronic correspondence if desired. At this time, information can only be provided to one address.
  • Contacts - Here you can provide as many as you like, including telephone numbers.
  • Preferences - Please choose the way you prefer for us to send you information - Email or US mail. If selecting email, an email address must be provided or correspondence will continue to be send via US mail.
In the Account Messages area, indicated by the red arrow in the middle of the screen, UCMS will generate important messages to you periodically, such as due dates for quarterly reports or if you have a delinquency or a credit on the account.

In the top right hand screen, the area marked Help Text is available to assist you. Click on the ? in the upper right hand corner to find information pertaining to that particular screen. On the next slide is an example of the help text.

Profile Maintenance — Correspondence Preferences

Example of a help page
[Speaker's Notes:]
This is an example of a help page. They can be found on any screen and will be applicable to that specific screen.
Profile Maintenance page
[Speaker's Notes:]
Under the Preferences tab, click on Correspondence.
Correspondence page
[Speaker's Notes:]
Select either Email or Mail as your preference for receiving correspondence and other notifications from the Office of UC Tax Services. If the Email address or mailing address is not correct, select the Summary tab, click on the Edit Profile link and click on the Address or Email Address link to update the information.

Organization — Owners & Officers

Organization page
[Speaker's Notes:]
Use the menu option on the left to access the Organization page. If any of the information is incorrect, please contact the UC Tax Services Information Line. Select the Owners/Responsible Parties tab.
Additional owners/responsible parties link on organization page
[Speaker's Notes:]
Click Add Additional Owners/Responsible Parties link to update your ownership information as shown on the next screen.
Owners/responsible parties section
[Speaker's Notes:]
Enter the required information to update the owners/responsible parties and Select Submit.

Manage Representatives — Add & Authorize a TPA or PEO

Manage representatives page
[Speaker's Notes:]
Select Add New Representative
Manage representatives screen reflecting two representatives
[Speaker's Notes:]
Enter the Representative Identifier Number, which is obtained from the TPA or Representative, the Effective Date of the agreement and the Service Function provided. You cannot have more than one TPA per service function, but you can have a different TPA for each service function. Select Submit. You should receive the message, "You have successfully added the Representative." Click on Ok to either view the representatives or to add additional representatives. The following screen reflects two representatives that have been added.
Manage representatives page requesting status
[Speaker's Notes:]
Note the Status is Requested. When the TPA approves, the Status will change to Verified. The representative/client relationship will remain in effect until such time as one of the parties enters an end date to terminate the relationship. TPAs must be actively reflected in Manage Representatives for them to access employer information and for UC Tax Services to be authorized to release information to the TPA's or PEO's. To move to another area, select UCMS Home from the Navigation Menu. This will take you to the Home Page where you can continue to navigate through your portal.

Creating a Third Party Administrator (TPA) or Professional Employer Organization (PEO) Account

Register for a TPA/PEO UCMS User ID, Password and Identified Number

Create administrative user account log in page
[Speaker's Notes:]
From the Login Screen, select Register. To create a third party administrator (TPA), indicate such and select Next.
Terms and conditions page
[Speaker's Notes:]
You must agree to the terms and conditions in order to continue. Remember, by agreeing to the terms and conditions you will be deemed the administrator of the organization's UC account. Please note that your User ID and password will be your electronic signature and will identify any electronic records or transactions that you create, generate or send as yours.
Screen showing administrative user information
[Speaker's Notes:]
Enter the Administrative User's information and select Next.
Create password screen
[Speaker's Notes:]
Create your password based on the criteria listed on the right hand side. Record the password because it will be needed to login. Next answer 3 of the 17 Password Hint Questions and enter your answers. Select Next.
Password confirmation screen
[Speaker's Notes:]
Please print and retain this summary page for future reference. Select Next.
Administrative user account created page
[Speaker's Notes:]
Please print and retain this page for future reference. Select Login to register your TPA/PEO account and obtain your TPA Identifier.
Create T P A / P E O page
[Speaker's Notes:]
Select the appropriate type of role - TPA or PEO.
Sreen showing T P A / P E O input
[Speaker's Notes:]
Enter the required information, and continue to the next slide for more information.
Services you provide section
[Speaker's Notes:]
At the bottom select the services that you provide for your clients - Contribution Rate Information, Delinquencies and Account Discrepancies and Filing Quarterly Reports and Adjustments.
Message indicating you have been successfully added
[Speaker's Notes:]
The message indicates that you have been successfully added as a TPA and also indicates your TPA Identifier. You should print this page for future reference. You need to share your identifier number with your clients to begin the handshake process, which replaces our former POA's.
Page where employer must associate the T P A
[Speaker's Notes:]
The employer will need to associate the TPA, in order for the TPA to represent them before the Office of Unemployment Compensation Tax Services. If you do not complete the association process, you will not have access to your client's account information. This does not include claims information with the Office of UC Benefits Policy.

TPA Access to Client Information

Representative profile page
[Speaker's Notes:]
The TPA logs in and selects Representative Profile from the Navigation Menu.
Representative profile maintenance screen
[Speaker's Notes:]
This takes you to the Representative Profile Maintenance Screen. Select Manage Clients.
Page showing clients that have added you as representative
[Speaker's Notes:]
Here you will see a list of the clients who have added you as their representative. You will need to either Approve or Reject the client. Upon approval, you will be able to access the employer's information. This representative/client relationship will remain in effect until such time as one of the parties terminates by entering an end date.
Message confirming you have successfully approved client
[Speaker's Notes:]
You will receive a message that You have successfully approved the client. To begin viewing client information Select UCMS Home. From the Navigation Menu, Select My Home and then TPA Client Search.
T P A client selection screen
[Speaker's Notes:]
Under the TPA Client the TPA can select the account to access. Select either the Account Legal Name or the Account Number. Select Go, which will take you to the Employer's Profile Maintenance Screen. To view additional employer information, Select UCMS Home to return to the Navigation Menu.
Navigation Menu
U C M S home page
[Speaker's Notes:]
Navigation Menu Guidance
  • My Home - For additional navigation purposes
  • Employer Profile - Make changes to demographic information, organizational structure, and manage representatives
  • Representative Profile - Make changes to demographic information, organizational structure and manage clients
  • Professional Employer Organizations - Make changes to demographic information, organizational structure and manage clients
  • Quarterly Reporting - View Filing history, file and amend quarterly reports, file mid quarter splits, and manage uploaded files
  • Make a Payment - Pay any amounts due
  • Amounts Due/Delinquencies - Will show any liens filed against the employer and also any payment plans in effect
  • Financial Activities - Here you will be able to view payments made, request refunds, view the refund history, and you can view your ledger
  • Contribution Rates - View the rate history, calculate your rate, and submit appeals
  • Reimbursable Financing Methods - Reimbursable employers can calculate their collateral and pay their solvency fee online
  • Inquiries - View your inquiry history and submit an inquiry
  • Certifications - Request Federal certifications and clearance certificates and view your clearance and compliance history
  • User Administration - Manage users associated with the account
  • Correspondence - Manage Correspondence - incoming/outgoing employer mailings
  • Log Off - For security purposes, this should be used to logoff each time versus using the box in the top right hand corner to close

General Navigation Through UCMS

View Quarterly UC Reports

Quarterly Reporting
Filing history page
[Speaker's Notes:]
Selecting Quarterly Reporting will take you first to Filing History where you can see which reports have been filed, the type - original or amended, filing method, receipt date, Filer Name and Confirmation Number. If an amended report is filed, the quarter will be reflected twice on the list, one for the original and one for the amended. The user can select a particular quarter to view wage detail, the tax summary or the payment history.
View Wage Detail
View wage detail page
[Speaker's Notes:]
When you select View Wage Detail, the employees and their wages are shown. Notice there are 3 pages to this detail.
View Tax Summary
View tax summary page
[Speaker's Notes:]
Select View Tax Summary to view the total gross wages and employee contributions. If this would be a contributory account, taxable wages and employer contributions would also be shown.
View Payment History
View payment history page
[Speaker's Notes:]
Select View Payment History to view payments that have been received. Notice that you are no longer under Quarterly Reporting, but under Financial Activities. To return to Quarterly Reporting, select UCMS Home and then select Quarterly Reporting from the Navigation Menu.

Filing Quarterly UC Reports

File quarterly report page
[Speaker's Notes:]
You have 3 choices available to you to file your quarterly reports - Online, Upload Wage Report File and (FTP) or File Transfer Protocol. Please comply with the Alert Messages to ensure you file correctly. The example shows filing Online and you have the choice to select either Pre-Populate or Non-Populated regarding the previous quarters wages. Pre-populate was selected. Select Continue.

File Quarterly UC Reports Online

Page indicating quarter and year to be filed
[Speaker's Notes:]
Select the quarter and year to be filed. If the reports aren't shown you can choose one from the drop-down box. If you have multiple quarters to file, begin with the earliest quarter year report. This will ensure that the taxable wages are calculated correctly.

If an asterisk is reflected on any of the quarters, refer to the messages at the bottom on Rate Changes and Bankruptcy.
Page asking if covered wages have been paid
[Speaker's Notes:]
Have you paid covered wages during this quarter/year? - Yes or No and Select Continue.
Page showing last report filed
[Speaker's Notes:]
Yes was chosen and we had selected pre-populated. All the employees listed on the last report filed will be shown. You can Add New Rows or Remove Selected Employees. Wages and Credit weeks have been added for 3 of the employees. If the remaining employees did not receive any wages, they should be removed. Select Continue.

File Quarterly UC Reports by Upload

Page formerly known as U C - 2
[Speaker's Notes:]
This page shows the report formerly known as the UC-2. If the required information is not completed, an error message will be reflected. Select Continue.
Page showing credits due
[Speaker's Notes:]
If credits are available for use, they will be reflected after the Total Amount Due. The example indicates there are no credits for this particular account. The next portlet is Amend Quarterly Report.

Amend Quarterly UC Reports

Amend quarterly report page
[Speaker's Notes:]
If you need to amend your quarterly report please select the appropriate method - online, upload file of amended wages/employee information or by FTP. For this Online was chosen. Select and Continue.
Page indicating quarters to be amended
[Speaker's Notes:]
Which quarter do you need to amend? If you have multiple quarters to amend, begin with the earliest quarter year report. Select Continue.
Example of wages paid to employee
[Speaker's Notes:]
Notice the first employee shows wages of $24,063.96. The changes are made on this screen as shown on the next slide.
Page showing change in employee wage entry
[Speaker's Notes:]
The wages have been changed to $26,423.40. Select Go.
Page showing originally reported and amended wages
[Speaker's Notes:]
The original reported wages and the amended wages are shown. Because additional gross wages were reported, there are additional employee contributions due. You can restore, if need be and then Continue. If you have completed amending for that quarter, Select Submit.

Note regarding a Mid-Quarter Split: A Mid-Quarter Split report can be done only when you have 2 contribution rates assigned to the account for one particular year or if the account is in bankruptcy.

From the Navigation Menu select Manage Uploaded Files.

File Quarterly UC Reports by FTP

Manage Uploaded Files
Manage uploaded files page
[Speaker's Notes:]
Under Manage Uploaded Files a list will show of all the files in process. It includes the Batch ID, the Date and Time Submitted, the Amount Due and the Status. When the Status reflects verified, you can proceed with making your payment.

Alert Message: ALERT: Please go to http://www.portal.state.pa.us/portal/server.pt/community/uc_management_system/18222 to review the file naming convention and formats for UCMS before uploading any file. If you fail to follow these specs, your file will not process.

Submitting Payments Online

U C M S page showing the Make a Payment button
[Speaker's Notes:]
Select Make a Payment.
Make payments detail page
[Speaker's Notes:]
You can choose to pay the total amount due, pay a partial amount or make a pre-payment. The details of amounts due are shown at the bottom. The top line reflects the total amount, the next line the interest for Employee Withholding and the third line the Employer Withholding Contributions. If this was a contributory employer, Employer Contributions would also be shown, along with any interest that might be due. Penalty would also be indicated here, if applicable. The example indicates the amount is to be paid in full. Select Make Payment.
Page indicating methods of payment available
[Speaker's Notes:]
There are 4 methods of payment:
  • ACH Debit - You provide us with your bank information and on a date of your choice we will "pull" the money from your account.
  • ACH Credit - We provide you with our bank information and on a date that you choose you take our banking information to your bank for them to initiate the payment to us.
  • Credit Card - This is new for employers. However, be aware that if you choose to use a credit card, the current vendor Official Payments Corporation (OPC) charges a convenience fee of 2.49% of the amount of your tax payment. There is a minimum fee of $1.00. You will need to accept the terms and conditions to proceed. To select another method of payment hit the Back button.
  • Print Payment Voucher - Allows you to send in a check.
This example uses ACH Credit. Continue.
A C H credit page
[Speaker's Notes:]
Select Make Payment. If paying with ACH Debit or Credit, or a Credit Card is selected and you hit Make Payment, the payment cannot be recalled. Select UCMS Home from the menu.
U C M S home page showing amount due/delinquencies button
[Speaker's Notes:]
From the Navigation Menu select Amounts Due/Delinquencies.
Liens summary page
[Speaker's Notes:]
The first portlet shown is Liens. Here you can see a list of the liens filed against a particular account and view the details.
Payment plans page
[Speaker's Notes:]
The next portlet is Payment Plans. The are no payment plans listed, but if there were, you could see the Installment Number, the Due Date, the Installment Amount, Payments made and the date. Select UCMS Home.
Financial Activities
U C M S page showing Financial Activities button
[Speaker's Notes:]
Select Financial Activities.
Payment history page
[Speaker's Notes:]
Payments will give you the payment history. You could select any one of these payments for more details.
Request refunds page
[Speaker's Notes:]
Request Refunds allows the user to request a refund based on the credit summary. You can choose to have the refund via a paper check or direct deposited to your bank, if your bank information is provided to us.
Refund history page
[Speaker's Notes:]
The Refund History will list any refunds that have been processed for the account, including the issue date, the amount, the method and the status. Select Ledgers.
Financial ledgers page
[Speaker's Notes:]
Under the Financial Ledgers tab, you will be able to view the Account Summary and also any delinquencies or credits on the account. To view a particular quarter or year, enter the desired information and hit Go.
Ledgers detail page
[Speaker's Notes:]
The 3 quarters posted for 2012 are shown and include Employee Withholding, Employer Contributions, and interest or penalty and the Remittance Allocation.
Ledgers page showing reserve account tab
[Speaker's Notes:]
The Reserve Account tab is for Contributory Employers and lists the Fiscal Year, the Taxable Wages, Contribution Credits, Benefit Charges and the Net Fiscal Year Balance. This information will be used for rate calculations. Also, if you notice at the bottom, it will list Experience Transfers.
Ledgers page showing collateral summary tab
[Speaker's Notes:]
For Reimbursable employers there is a Collateral Summary and a breakdown of the history.
Ledgers page showing interest tax factor
[Speaker's Notes:]
The Interest Tax Factor applies to Contributory Employers and is not included in the Reserve Account Balance. You can select a year to view a summary of the payments. Select UCMS Home to return to the Navigation Menu.
U C M S page showing contribution rates portlet
[Speaker's Notes:]
The Contribution Rates portlet is for Contributory Employers.
Rate history page
[Speaker's Notes:]
The Rate History provides the rate information and details assigned to the employer for the last several years. Click on a mailing date to view that particular effective period's rate information.
Rate calculator page
[Speaker's Notes:]
The Rate Calculator will give you an estimated rate for the following year based on the information available to date.

Filing Rate Appeals Online

Submit appeal page
[Speaker's Notes:]
Using this portlet, you can submit an online appeal for any year's rate, unless the rate appeal timeframe has expired. The rate appeal period for 2013 contribution tax rates that were mailed December 31, 2012 ended April 1, 2013.

Reimbursable Financing Method

U C M S page showing reimbursable financing method portlet
[Speaker's Notes:]
The Reimbursable Financing Method portlet is where you can calculate the amount of your collateral or make an online payment of your solvency fee.
Calculate collateral page
[Speaker's Notes:]
There are 2 methods from which to choose to calculate your collateral - Taxable Wages or Estimated Taxable Wages or Number of Employees.
Calculate collateral details page
[Speaker's Notes:]
For Taxable Wages, you will need to enter the amount of the previous 4 calendar quarter's taxable wages and select calculate. It will indicate the amount to be submitted, which is 1% of the taxable wages.
Estimated taxable wages or number of employees detail page
[Speaker's Notes:]
If you select Estimated Taxable Wages or Number of Employees it will take you to this screen.
Calculate collateral type selection page
[Speaker's Notes:]
Enter only one - Estimated Taxable Wages or Number of Employees. An amount will be calculated based on what was entered.
Make payments page
[Speaker's Notes:]
Here you can make an Online Solvency Fee Payment if you are eligible. Notice the message at the top that states this account is not eligible. Select UCMS Home to return to the Navigation Menu.
U C M S page showing inquiries portlet
[Speaker's Notes:]
Under Inquiries, you can view your Inquiry History or Submit an online Inquiry.
View inquiry page
[Speaker's Notes:]
The Inquiry History allows you to select a particular inquiry and view the details.
Sumbit inquiry page
[Speaker's Notes:]
When submitting an inquiry, select a subject from the dropdown list and then provide detailed information in order for us to respond to you. It is preferred that you include your account number and your name, in case we need to contact you depending on the nature of your inquiry. The response will be sent to you via email or regular based on your preference.

Obtaining FUTA Certification

U C M S page showing certifications portlet
[Speaker's Notes:]
From the Navigation Menu select Certifications.
Request federal certification page
[Speaker's Notes:]
Select Request Federal Certification. Enter the year for which the Certification is needed.
Document 940 C
[Speaker's Notes:]
This document is a 940C and it is the employer's responsibility to forward it to the IRS.
Issue certification page
[Speaker's Notes:]
You may also Request a Clearance Certificate. From the drop down box select the Compliance Type. There are 4 to choose from - Contractor Responsibility; Liquor License; Sales, Use and Hotel Occupancy License; and Small Games of Chance License. Select Next.
Issue certification detail page
[Speaker's Notes:]
Enter the License Id Number and the Reason for the Certification and select Next.
Clearance certificate page
[Speaker's Notes:]
Provided the account is in compliance, a certificate will be generated. If the account is not in compliance, you will need to contact the UC Employer Contact Center.
View certification history page
[Speaker's Notes:]
The details are provided. Select UCMS Home.
Certification details page
[Speaker's Notes:]
At any time, you can View Certification History by selecting Clearance/Compliance History from the menu. It will give you the Clearance Number and Type, the Status and the date. You may also view any certificate by selecting one and then click on View Certification.

User Administration

U C M S page showing user administration portlet
[Speaker's Notes:]
From the Navigation Menu select User Administration. This allows you to have more than one user within your organization.
User administration page
[Speaker's Notes:]
Select Add to add an additional user.
User administration set up page
[Speaker's Notes:]
The Administrator is responsible for adding additional users and setting up their passwords. Enter the new user's information, select the user's roles and a password and then Submit. NOTE: The new user should then login and immediately change their password.
User administration confirmation page
[Speaker's Notes:]
A new user has been added. Select View Details.
User administration details page
[Speaker's Notes:]
Here you can view the details of any user and also make any changes for a particular user by selecting Edit.
Example showing additional roles
[Speaker's Notes:]
The example shows 2 additional roles have been added - Reimbursable Financials and Employer Admin. Note the message - Change of Last Name - Modifying the last name will not change your User ID. To modify the User ID, you will need to create a new User and then remove the old one. Submit.
User administration updated details page
[Speaker's Notes:]
Verify the details. Select Back to return to the list of users
User administration page displaying all users
[Speaker's Notes:]
To remove a user, select the person and then select Remove.
User administration removal confirmation
[Speaker's Notes:]
It asks you if you want to remove the user, select OK if it is the correct person.
Removal confirmation message
[Speaker's Notes:]
You will receive a message indicating the user has been deleted.
U C M S page showing correspondence portlet
[Speaker's Notes:]
When you select Correspondence you can view correspondence that we have sent to you or that you have sent to us.
Manage correspondence page
[Speaker's Notes:]
You can select the type and the range of dates.

Contact Us

To Contact Us

UC Employer Contact Center at 1-866-403-6163, or if within the Harrisburg area, 717-787-7679 from 8a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday


You may email us at uc-news@pa.gov


Submit an online inquiry through UCMS by selecting Inquiries from the Navigation and Submit Inquiry
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