Office of Unemployment Compensation Tax Services

Important Unemployment Compensation (UC)
Wage and Tax Filing Information

The Unemployment Compensation Management System, or UCMS, is now available.
UCMS replaces the department's legacy system that is more than 40 years old and improves the quality of services provided to our UC customers. The Employer Tax Services phase:
  • Allows real-time, 24-hour access to employer account data in a secure environment.
  • Provides enhanced online access to documents, such as rate notices and general correspondence, as well as self-help information.
  • Employers, third-party administrators (TPA) and professional employer organizations (PEO) are able to access and update their demographic and contact information from their own self-service portal.
  • Paper power of attorney (POA) forms for tax-related issues are no longer accepted. An online interface has been developed for joint authorization by employers, TPAs and PEOs that replaces the paper POA process. All POA relationships must be reestablished in the new system for those wishing to continue accessing specific client account data or taking specific actions within an employer account. Please note that the paper UC-884 POA form will still be required for UC Benefit purposes to create or change power of attorney for the notices of compensation charged, financial determination and relief from charge.
  • Employers may choose to receive an e-mail alert each time a form, correspondence or notice is generated for their account.
  • Online contribution rate estimation tools are available.
  • Employers and/or their representatives must log in to the Department of Labor & Industry's new UC application to file and pay UC quarterly reports. Credit card, ACH credit and ACH debit will be accepted for electronic payment.
  • This new system has been designed to allow more self-service options to electronically report employee wage and tax information. The department no longer accepts magnetic media (magnetic tape cartridge, 3½-inch diskette, CD-R or DVD). You have options to electronically file employee wage and tax information via online entry or file upload from your employer portal, or submit your wage detail and tax report files via File Transfer Protocol (FTP) at any time for any quarter. Contributions due will be calculated immediately for online filers only. For upload and FTP filers, there will be a 48-hour delay.
  • The electronic filing formats and layouts currently used for magnetic media and e-TIDES will require some minor changes. An electronic filing handbook has been created with the updated file formats and layouts.
  • TPAs can submit monthly client data files to ensure data integrity and accuracy when filing quarterly tax reports via FTP.
  • Employers have the option to utilize credits on future tax periods or have refunds directly deposited into their bank accounts.
  • Employers/TPAs can view their reporting and payment information online.
  • Employers will be issued a quarterly statement of account for all delinquencies.
  • Employers can obtain FUTA certification online through their self-service portal.
  • Employers can submit contribution rate appeals online and, in some cases, receive an immediate response. During the rate appeal period, additional online tools will be available to calculate debit reserve account balance adjustment elections and voluntary contributions.
  • Other state agencies are able to perform online clearance inquiries.
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