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State Wildlife Grants Program

The State Wildlife Grants program (SWG) is the nation's core program for preventing species from becoming endangered. This federal program provides needed funds to states to develop and implement conservation actions that benefit wildlife and their habitat, including species not hunted or fished. Created in 2000 by Congress, SWG has enabled the Pennsylvania Game Commission and Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission to direct conservation efforts toward species in decline or vulnerable to decline, with the goal of preventing endangered species listings. State Wildlife Grant funding to Pennsylvania has ranged from $1.5 to $2.5 million per year, split equally between the Game Commission and Fish & Boat Commission.

How has Pennsylvania wildlife benefitted from State Wildlife Grant funding?

The Pennsylvania Wildlife Action Plan serves as the blueprint for guiding decisions on where to direct State Wildlife Grant funds for conservation actions. Grant funding has dramatically improved the Game Commission's ability to:
  • Respond to emerging issues, such as white-nose syndrome in bats
  • Implement conservation actions for species of greatest conservation need
  • Assess wildlife populations 

Since 2001, the Game Commission has utilized State Wildlife Grant funding to support more than 50 bird and mammal conservation projects, including wildlife research, habitat improvement, land acquisition and other efforts. Many projects are conducted by partnering with colleges and universities, conservation organizations and natural history museums, thereby maximizing the Game Commission's use of these federal funds. To see a detailed map of the locations of these projects, as well as project descriptions, click on the map below.

Contact Us:

If you have questions about the State Wildlife Grants program, please contact Nate Zalik via email at nzalik@pa.gov

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