Effective July 31, 2016, the Commonwealth Enterprise Portal (WebCenter Interaction) will be taken offline permanently.
Agencies must move any remaining content they wish to keep before this date. For more information, please visit the migration project site.
Information Technology

Agency IT Help Desks

Commonwealth employees who are having computer or network problems can use this contact information to reach their agency IT help desk.

Agency help desk professionals and IT managers can use this list of OA-Information Technology help desk numbers to escalate problems to OA.

Agency Phone E-mail
Aging   ai-helpdesk@pa.gov
Agriculture 717.705.4041 pdahelpdesk@pa.gov
Banking   bn-ithelpdesk@pa.gov
Budget 717.783.1087  
Civil Service Commission 717.787.7804  
Community & Economic Development 717.720.7458  
Conservation & Natural Resources 717.783.4354  
Corrections 717.728.4357 ra-dochelpdesk@pa.gov
Crime & Deliquency 717.265.8530  
Education 717.506.2317 or 888.498.8129 (toll free)  
Emergency Management Agency 717.783.1087  
Environmental Protection 717.772.5858  
Game Commission 717.783.6585 ra-rgc_it_help@pa.gov
Gaming Control Board 717.346.5555  
General Counsel 717.783.1087  
General Services 717.783.1087  
Health 717.783.9171  
Historical & Museum Commission 717.783.1087  
Inspector General 717.783.8509  
Insurance 717.705.0014 ra-in-helpdesk@pa.gov
Juvenile Court Justice Commission 717.783.1087  
Labor & Industry 844.532.0483 (toll free)  
Liquor Control Board 717.783.0264 or 800.264.4739 (toll free) lb-mishelp@pa.gov
Military & Veterans Affairs 717.861.9279  
Milk Marketing Board 717.787.4786 x3024  
Municipal Retirement System 717.787.2065  
Patient Safety Authority 717.783.1087  
Pennvest 717.425.5968 ra-pv-webmaster@pa.gov
Probation & Parole 717.728.4357 ra-dochelpdesk@pa.gov
Public School Employees' Retirement System 717.787.8540  
Public Welfare 800.296.5335  
Revenue 717.787.6643  
Sex Offender Assessment Board 717.728.4357 ra-dochelpdesk@pa.gov
State, Department of 717.783.1087  
State Employees Retirement System 717.237.0244 ra-erhelpdesk@pa.gov
State Police 877.777.3375  
Transportation 717.783.8330  
Victim Advocate 717.728.4357 ra-dochelpdesk@pa.gov