Long Term Living Home

Nursing Home Transition

If you or someone you love resides in a nursing facility and would like to return home, support exists that can make that happen. There are Home and Community Based Services available to you or your loved one to help with daily living needs. Your local Area Agency on Aging, Center for Independent Living or disability service organization can provide information about additional resources. These resources can be used to pay for the necessary expenses to establish your basic living arrangements and help you move into the community. The agency can also help to locate housing, assist with home modifications and arrange for in-home care.

Click here to locate the agency in your county that can assist you. Please note that the Area Agency on Aging serves individuals 60 and over and individuals under 60 are served by the Center for Independent Living or a disability service organization. When calling the agency, please ask to speak to the nursing home transition staff.

Individuals leaving a nursing facility may be eligible to participate in Money Follows the Person. Money Follows the Person is a federal demonstration program for individuals leaving institutions, such as nursing facilities, and moving back to their homes and communities. For each person who agrees to participate in Money Follows the Person and moves back to the community, opportunities are created for additional individuals to remain in their homes and communities with the services and supports they need. Click here for more information about Money Follows the Person.