Day-Old Hen Pheasant Chick & Surplus Egg Program

The Pennsylvania Game Commission sells day-old hen pheasant chicks and surplus eggs in lots of 100 chicks for $60 or 300 eggs for $180. Eggs and chicks must be ordered by March 31. Early requests receive top priority. Applicants who intend to sell, barter or transfer possession of the pheasant chicks/eggs for purposes other than releasing pheasants onto lands where public hunting is permitted are required to have an agency-issued Game Propagator Permit. Both eggs and chicks must be picked up at the supplying Pennsylvania Game Commission game farm. The application to purchase surplus day-old hen pheasant chicks or pheasant eggs can be downloaded in the PDF file found below.

Request for Purchase of Day Old Pheasant Hen Chick & Surplus Egg Program

For inquiries into the program or application processing, please contact the Bureau of Wildlife Management (717-787-5529). To apply for a Game Propagator Permit, please contact the Bureau of Wildlife Protection's Special Permits Division at 717-783-8164. For more background information on pheasants please visit "Pheasant History".

Pennsylvania Game Commission, 2001 Elmerton Ave, Harrisburg Pennsylvania 17110-9797