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Pennsylvania Wild Bird & Mammal Lists

The Pennsylvania Game Commission, as an independent agency of the Commonwealth, has jurisdiction over and management responsibility for all wildlife in Pennsylvania. By definition, wildlife includes all wild birds and wild mammals, both game and nongame species. 

The Commonwealth is home to 480 species of wild birds and wild mammals. There are 414 species of wild birds, including 285 that are regular denizens of the state, while the remaining 129 species are less frequent visitors. Wild mammals are represented currently by 66 species; although the list of recognized species includes some that are relatively scarce and a few with ranges that extend marginally into Pennsylvania.

Attached are the current lists of wild birds and wild mammals in Pennsylvania as recognized by professional ornithologists and mammalogists; notably experts working for the Pennsylvania Game Commission. The English and scientific names follow forms currently recognized by national organizations (American Ornithologists' Union, for birds; and the American Society of Mammalogists, for mammals). Similar lists have been published in a variety of documents, so a notable reference is provided for each list. 

These lists are dynamic and will be updated periodically to reflect changes in species presence. Changes occur for a variety of reasons, most obviously because wildlife (particularly migratory birds and bats) move into and out of the state's boundaries by their own volition. Species' ranges change in response to diverse natural, as well as human-induced, reasons. In addition, species have been established intentionally and accidentally in Pennsylvania and other locales, also contributing to this dynamic. Taxonomic studies (i.e., the science of naming animals) also may result in splitting or lumping related species, with obvious consequences. As a result, these lists will be reviewed and updated periodically to reflect our changing knowledge.

The lists of wild birds and wild mammals are provided in alphabetical and taxonomic order for general reference and use.

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