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Welcome to Health e-stats. Vol. 1-2011 March 23, 2011

Health e-stats is produced by the Bureau of Health Statistics and Research in order to keep data users informed about updates to the Health Statistics web pages.

1st Quarter 2011 of Statistical News is now available online!

Inside this issue you will find the following articles:

  • Cervical Cancer Incidence and Mortality in Pennsylvania  
  • 2009 Top Ten Baby Names and Other Birth Fast Facts
  • Prenatal Care Calculation Revised
  • Colorectal Cancer Incidence, Late Stage, and Mortality

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Web Updates

Behavioral Health Risks of Pennsylvania Adults, 2009 - This annual report analyzes the data collected from the 2009 BRFSS survey which covers health related topics, including data about general health issues, risky behaviors, chronic disease and health care access and utilization. Also, the state BRFSS Questionnaires have been added to this section of the website for the years 2008-2010.

Behavioral Health Risks for Select Local Area Adults, 2009 - These are reports developed annually for participants in the Pennsylvania BRFSS Local Sampling Program. Local 2009 reports are available for Blair, Chester, Indiana and Lancaster Counties, as well as the Northeast Health District. The reports include data results from BRFSS questionnaires distributed within the county or county groups designed for sampling by the program participants.  

The Burden of Diabetes in Pennsylvania, 2010 - This report contains surveillance data, including trends and mortality statistics, at the state and county level. The report provides information and data to both educate individuals and organizations on the burden of diabetes and to provide them with the tools necessary to plan effective interventions for those affected by diabetes in Pennsylvania. 

Birth Statistics, Final 2009 and Preliminary 2010 - Large volume of the latest available and historical state, county and municipality data by age, race/ethnicity and various birth related topics. Preliminary 2010 birth occurrence totals, by month, can also be found on this page. 

EpiQMS - Birth and Population, 2009 - 2009 data are now available for the birth and population datasets within our interactive health statistics web tool, EpiQMS. 

First Name Occurrences for Pennsylvania Live Births, 2009 - The tables provide lists of first name occurrences for 2009 Pennsylvania live births, for both males and females in order of frequency. 


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