Retirement Projection

Analyzing retirement eligibility by agency, organization and job classification can aid workforce planners in predicting future workforce shortfalls, identifying succession planning and knowledge transfer goals, and implementing proactive workforce management practices.

Retirement projection tools are available for calculating eligible salary employees in either the age 60 or age 50 retirement covered job classes. The databases below offer additional flexibility in building reports based on individual agency needs. Select the desired database below and save the application to your desktop.

To gain access to Interim Reporting Information System (IRIS) to use the retirement projection tools, please use the HRISD Authorization Request Form.

Employee Mobility

The commonwealth's employee mobility program collects data on employees entering, transferring within, and exiting state organizations and agencies.

When an employee is hired or transfers agencies, they will receive an electronic mobility survey to fill out. Your agency does not need to send the new hire survey or the employment change survey — OA-Human Resources will send those surveys.However, when an employee in your agency notifies you that they are leaving, you should provide them with the employee exit survey. Use the exit survey generation login page to generate an exit survey.

Sample surveys:

You can use the employee mobility database (and crosswalk) to help you identify reoccurring issues and employee preferences to continue to grow your agency workforce.

If you have questions about the use of these tools and how they can help your agency, contact OA-Human Resources' Bureau of Workforce Planning & Development at 717.787.3813.