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2015-16 Hunting & Trapping Digest

Hunting & Trapping Digest online caldendar
Effective July 1, 2015 until June 30, 2016. The Digest includes the seasons, bag limits, rules and regulations you need to know to have a safe and legal hunting and trapping season in Pennsylvania's great outdoors. It also includes information on elk and antlerless deer license applications, an update on the CWD Disease Management Areas and information on the new Mentored Adult Hunting Program. This online calendar has been provided for easy reference to Pennsylvania's hunting and trapping seasons. It can be accessed and downloaded to a variety of devices. It is a brief summary of dates and should be used in conjunction with the current Pennsylvania Hunting & Trapping Digest.

2015-16 Clip & Carry Pocket Guide of Seasons & Bag Limits (.pdf)

Pocket GuideSome of you may wish to print a copy the pocket guide on heavier paper or card stock. Home printers differ, so it might take a few tries to get the document to print on the front and back of one sheet. Try loading only a single piece of paper into your printer. Print Page 1 first, then on the reverse side of the same sheet, print Page 2. It might be helpful to draw a small arrow in pencil to denote the direction in which the paper is being fed. Then print the reverse side in the same direction.

2015-16 Hunting & Trapping Digest

The 2015-16 Digest can be viewed on a variety of devices and bookmarked for quick access to PA hunting and trapping information. Includes a search feature, a clickable Contents page and the ability to zoom, save, share and print.

Entire 2015-16 Hunting & Trapping Digest Special Regulations Areas
Region Offices Turkey Seasons, Bag Limits & Regulations
2015-16 PA Digest Index Bear Season & Bag Limits/Check Station Locations
Update Small Game Season Dates & Bag Limits
Hunting Seasons & Bag Limits Wild Pheasant Recovery Areas
Hunting Hours Table Junior Pheasant & Rabbit Hunts
Mentored Youth Hunting Program Waterfowl & Migratory Game Birds
Mentored Adult Hunting Program Furtaking Seasons & Bag Limits
General Hunting Regulations Cable Restraints
State Game Lands Regulations Bobcats, Fishers, Beavers & Otters
Big Game Regulations Fluorescent Orange Requirements
Wildlife Management Units Elk Season Regulations & Information
Deer Seasons & Bag Limits Elk Hunt Zone Descriptions
Antler Restrictions License Information
Antlerless & Unsold Deer Licenses License Availability
Unsold Antlerless Deer License Application Game Law Violations & License Revocations
Application Schedule Reporting a Violation
County Treasurer Addresses Volunteer Opportunities
Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) Conservation Officers Of Pennsylvania Association
Disease Management Areas Major Seasons & Bags Clip & Carry Pocket Guide
Deer Management Assistance Program (DMAP) Pennsylvania Game News

Entire 2015-16 Hunting & Trapping Digest - pdf
Fillable antlerless application form - pdf
Fillable controlled goose hunting area application - pdf
Affidavit for a Lost Antlerless License - pdf

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