2014-15 Hunting & Trapping Digest & Wildlife Annual

Effective July 1, 2014 until June 30, 2015. The Digest includes the seasons, bag limits, rules and regulations you need to know to have a safe and legal hunting and trapping season in Pennsylvania's great outdoors. It also includes information on elk and antlerless deer license applications, an update on the CWD Disease Management Areas and information on the new Mentored Adult Hunting Program. This online calendar has been provided for easy reference to Pennsylvania's hunting and trapping seasons. It can be accessed and downloaded to a variety of devices. It is a brief summary of dates and should be used in conjunction with the current Pennsylvania Hunting & Trapping Digest.

2014-15 Hunting & Trapping Digest

The 2014-15 Digest can be viewed on a variety of devices and bookmarked for quick access to PA hunting and trapping information. Includes a search feature, a clickable Contents page and the ability to zoom, save, share and print.

Entire 2014-15 Hunting & Trapping Digest - pdf
Fillable antlerless application form - pdf
Fillable controlled goose hunting area application - pdf

2014-15 Wildlife Annual

Check out the 2014-15 Wildlife Annual to hear straight from Game Commission wildlife biologists and other staff members. In this year's Annual you'll learn about harvest reporting, black bear hunting, turkey hunting, Lyme disease, coyotes, and other furbearers.

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